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ISYS636 Enterprise Architecture
Semester One -2016
Individual Assignment
The weighting of this individual assignment is 25% of the total subject assessment. This assessment requires you to produce a written report of 2000 words. Each student is to select a case study to review and assess (Should be different than the case studies discussed in the practical and the forums).
You have been assigned the task of developing an Enterprise Architecture of a case from one of, but not limited to, the following industries; Automotive, Health, Finance, logistics, Retail, Insurance. The case study must be a real life scenario.
Specified Requirements:
The report must include, but not limited to, the following:
? The impact that EA has on redesigning the enterprises organisational structure and processes (Benefits of establishing an EA).
? Find out what an EA Framework is, and how it provides a natural tool for business.
? Through the case study, explain how to define and develop an Enterprise Architecture.
? Create a comprehensive Enterprise architecture (EA) supported by the EA modelling tool, ArchiMate.
? In what way applying EA makes a difference to the case study in terms of innovation, competitive advantage, and process management.
You are required to write a report. This will include an Executive Summary together with commentary following the headings and further requirements below.
• Description of the case study (Explain) • Why was the case study selected? (The purpose) • Significance of the use of EA.
• Consider the modelling tools
• Summary/Recommendations/Conclusions
• Appendices
• References
Note: Word limits in this report do not include references and appendices.