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Assignment Two: Report & Essay
Campaign Case Study (Campaign Report and Justification Essay) 3,000 words (55 marks)
CAMPAIGN BRIEF (click on this link to reach the case study overview)
Founded in 2005, EON is a WA based not-for-profit organisation that delivers a food and nutrition focused healthy lifestyle and disease prevention program - the EON Thriving Communities Program. The Program is now established and proven in 17 Indigenous communities in Western Australia. Eon builds edible gardens in remote Indigenous schools and communities for a secure supply of fresh food, and partner with them to deliver a hands-on practical gardening, nutrition education, cooking and hygiene program.
EON is an incorporated body granted Deductible Gift Recipient Status by the Australian Taxation Office.
Students are required to develop a campaign based on the format, strategies and tactics learned during the term. The campaign will be presented as a campaign report (Part A) following which, students will provide a justification essay of their report (Part B).
This assignment will be submitted as a single Word document which will contain both sections A& B and also the marking criteria template.
Total file size for Part A and Part B (combined) is not to exceed 10MB.
NOTE: This assessment is in two parts and students are to respond to both parts.
PART A CAMPAIGN REPORT 2,000 words (40 marks)
Using the case study provided, write a Public Relations campaign report for submission to the CEO of the organisation.
Present your report in a professional manner with headings. Part A should incorporate the following headings in a report format:
Title page, then:
• Executive Summary
• Table of Contents
• Situation analysis (wordcount starts at the beginning of this section)
• Goal and Objectives
• Target public
• Strategies and Tactics
• Calendar or timetable (as a Gantt Chart)
• Budget
• Measurement and Evaluation
• Conclusion (wordcount finishes at end of this section)
• References
NOTE: Other headings may be used as appropriate. Graphs/tables/images may be helpful in some sections.
Part B JUSTIFICATION ESSAY 1,000 words (15 marks)
Explain and justify your campaign report in an essay. Further research about the organisation will be required. Part B is to be completed in an essay format (including an introduction and conclusion). If used, headings must be minimal.
The following aspects must be incorporated into your response:
• Explain how the campaign can be classified as public relations.
• What were the issues that the campaign was attempting to address?
• Justify the goal, objectives, strategies, tactics, target public, timing and budget. For example, strategies may have been selected in order to reach a specific target public (or publics).
• What issues might arise during implementation? For example the key message may not be consistent across strategies, or the strategies may not reach target public. Perhaps a potential issue might arise that would not be addressed in the campaign.
• It is expected that further research will be undertaken on the campaign through online searches (including websites, YouTube, blogs and social media) and in academic journals or the library. Pay particular attention to the credibility of any references used in the report. Ensure that the credibility of the references can be justified. What is the source of your research? Can it be trusted? How do you know? Only credible information is to be used for this assessment.
• A detailed reference list is required.
The word count for this section is deliberately challenging. It will be hard to condense your thoughts into 1,000 words. You will have to think about what you write very carefully in order to meet the word count requirements. You may have to be selective in how you critique the case, rather than trying to cover everything.
When you have completed both parts of the assignment add a copy of the relevant marking criteria onto the Word document following the essay references.
NOTE: Total file size is not to exceed 10MB