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Assessment item 1: Developmental theory, self-reflection and clinical judgment
Weighting: 40%
Due: Monday 25th April 2016, 11 pm
Length: Word limit: 1000 words
This assessment task will assist students to understand theories and concepts of human development and behaviour. To complete this assessment students will be required to familiarise themselves with subject learning sessions 1 through 4. In addition, class reflective activities and discussions will enhance preparation.
Submission: This assessment is to be submitted via TURNITIN through UTSOnline
This assessment:
There are two essay questions to be answered. Students are to answer one of the two questions below, a) or b). This answer is to include a brief example relevant to theory from your in-class reflections/discussions to highlight an aspect of the discussion. All students must also answer question c):
a) Do early life experiences impact the person across their lifespan?
b) Do social and environmental variables affect cognitive development?
Students are required to answer a second question:
c) In what ways is an understanding of developmental psychology important to nursing practice? Give consideration to Tanner’s model of clinical judgement.
Each of your answers is to be presented in an essay style with reference to subject readings to support your position. It is expected that students will compare and contrast at least two theoretical approaches when answering question a) or b). There is no requirement to reference outside of subject resources. Your first answer should be approximately 600 words and question c) approximately 300 words – introduction 100 words.
Please note: The focus of your first answer should be on the discussion of theory. As mentioned one brief reflection/discussion point from class is to be used as an example to support point/points you raise in regard to theory. Please only raise issues in regard to yourself that you feel comfortable sharing with others.
Marking Criteria
Item Possible Mark
Answer one
Demonstrates an ability to compare and contrast ideas and draw a conclusion
An appropriate reflection/discussion point from class is included to support a point/points raised 2
Answer two
Relevance to nursing practice is answered thoughtfully and is well aligned to subject learning 5
Relevance to nursing practice is considered in regard to Tanner’s model of clinical judgment 3
Answer one and two
The position you take in answering the questions is supported by reference to subject text and readings
Scholarship skills:
Answers are well structured and ideas are presented clearly
Referencing is according to UTS Harvard requirements
Answers are edited for spelling and grammar

Suggestions to assist with this assessment
Prepared by Carolyn San Miguel (IML)
Overall introduction – to the two questions (100 words)
Question 1 (600 words)
Question 2 (300 words)

Introduce briefly the broad topic of the assignment – tell your readers what it is about
• State what your assignment does - (which questions does it focus on; name the topic of the questions, not (a) and (b)
Your response to the two questions
Begin your response to each question with your position – i.e. a statement of how you have decided to answer the question
Example approach for question a) or b)
Early life experiences and social development have a great influence on the adult person.
The rest of your answer has to support this point of view
• Use two (or more) theories to explain why early life experience and social development have a great influence
• Give a brief example from your reflections to support the theoretical points
Your answer MUST include the following:
• Comparison and contrast of two theories that are relevant to the question that you use to support your point of view stated in the topic sentence
• Give an examples from your experience (taken from in-class reflections) to elaborate on an aspect of the discussion you make from the literature/theory
**There is no correct answer. After reading, you might decide to answer the question in the following way:
Although early life experiences and social development greatly influence the adult person, xxx plays an equally important role in the development of the adult person [the rest of your answer has to support this point of view]
Overall Conclusion
Provide a brief overall conclusion
Other points
Using ‘I’
When you are writing about your reflection, use the first person – e.g.
Culture had a great impact on my development. I grew up in an extended family where, as suggested by Vygotsky (ref), I was …[make a point about your experience that relates to a point about the influence of culture you have already written in your answer]
If it is helpful for you and for your reader to use headings to separate the two questions, you can do so.
Example approach for question c)
Begin your response with your position – i.e. a statement of how you have decided to answer the question.
Follow with a discussion of supporting evidence.
Remember to consider how developmental psychology contributes to clinical judgment.