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ACC5216 Accounting Theory
Assignment One, Semester One, 2016 20%
Due 27thApril 2016 at 10 pm USQ time
Maximum word count for this task is 1500 words.
This assignment is in an essay format. You are required to address the following questions and develop a logical argument supported by references
Identify and explain the qualitative characteristics of financial reports addressed by the conceptual framework.
Which characteristic do you believe is the most important and why?
What are possible advantages of a conceptual framework? (Include a discussion of possible disadvantages)
Discuss whether you believe the present conceptual framework has delivered advantages.
Note: students must use a range of appropriate scholarly references (see marking rubric).
Note: Students must reference correctly. Familiarised yourself with the USQ plagiarism policy and Harvard referencing method. Be aware that you need to reference all paraphrased material and any quotes must be referenced and in quotation marks. Excessive use of sourced material would indicate low levels of student analysis.