Recent Question/Assignment

Sending you the brief of the assignment.
It is a 15 Slides presentation which include cover page as well.
The assignment is based on Harvard AGPS6 style reference but in this assignment we don't need referencing but still u keep all the reference which will be required in next assignment.
The assignment will be made according to University of Southern Queensland (USQ), Australia.
Also sending you a video of the brief given by our professors.
Now a small key points of the assignment:
- XYZ Corp. is a growing enterprise
- It offers digital services Globally
- It has got its own server and IT management (need to show what sort of IT)
- Now, due to advancement in technology which is emerging now or in future
- XYZ corp. is thinking of moving towards cloud storage strategy
- to have a true distributed environment
- need to look at the global aspects of managing a company
- Strategy includes - national boundaries affecting this company example: 1- privacy legislation in different countries, 2- Different services no action only services, 3- Own IT management for growing company which operates globally (have to come up with ideas), 4- looking into the future dictated by advancement in technology (no current scenario)
- company should know what is happening in the domain, technology in future 2- 5 years (here we do scope excersize)
- that is why thinking of moving to cloud storage
- we need to prepare informed document
- difficulty and challenges with current scenario in having a true distributed environment of information
3 scenarios suggested by our professor, any one of which we can adapt:
1. IT management of the company is having some issues so on this basis I am addressing cloud storage.
2. IT management is strong but have difficulty in distribution environment therefore looking into information distribution within the organisation communication, storage, etc. therefore my scope is to have cloud storage for true distribution environment.
3. The company have good IT management, normal distribution management but difficulty in storage and excess because different countries have different issues therefore want to move to cloud storage
Second stage is:
- size of the company (like 23 employees in Australia, 15 in New Zealand, 10 in Singapore, etc.)
- Look of the Company (dream company)
- Organizational chart (hierarchy of the organisation), structured organisation
- reporting management aspects
- Current information Strategy (should be 1-2 slides)
This is some of the information which may be helpful in making the assignment.