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Project 1 (P1): Using Microsoft Word
Refer Week 2 /Lab for help
Problem Focus: Job of a Production Manager for a comic book publisher.
Imagine, you have taken up a new position, as a Production Manager for a comic book publisher, and one of the first project you are involved requires some of the things including: manage publishing schedules, create art and pictures for the comic book, coordinate designers and authors to ensure timely production of the books, select computers for the production team, and manage projects for your organization such as producing newsletters and setting schedules.
So for this assignment task, you will create and/or modify Microsoft word documents that you might encounter while working as a Production Manager for a comic book publisher. For this assignment task, you will
1. Create a company newsletter, which includes company and industry news, and
2. Create a flyer to promote an upcoming event for aspiring comic book writers
For this project, you will need the following files available in Assign_P1_data folder in which is provided.
1. Assign_P1_Company_NewsIetter
2. Assign_P1_Workshop_Text
The screenshots for the newsletter and workshop flyer you will produce are shown below. You can use any other style or images for newsletter and workshop flyer but for the text you need to use the same text provided in
Figure 1: Newsletter screenshot
Figure 2: Workshop Flyer Screenshot
Project 2: Using Microsoft Excel
Refer Week 3 /Lab for help
Problem Focus: Job of a Marketing Executive for an Entertainment Company
In this job role, as a Marketing Executive for an entertainment company, some of the things you might do are: use Microsoft Excel to plan and track budgets for events, award shows, parties, and tours; plan and budget for computer systems to support marketing events and marketing team members; and use Microsoft Excel to maintain expense records for events and talent contracts. You will normally work with multiple worksheets and enter formulas and functions to calculate totals and other statistics that you might encounter as a Marketing executive for this entertainment company. You will also format cells, insert charts and sparklines, and use Goal Seek in the workbook.
So for this task, using the raw data sheet Assign_P2_EventEntertainment.xls available in Assign_P2_data folder, you will complete some of the following calculations and update the worksheet.
1. Update the total expenses column which is a sum of expenses of all quarters.
2. Summarize the expenses for each quarter by updating the row 12 of the worksheet 3. Do other modifications by looking at the screenshots of each worksheet shown below.
4. Format the worksheet by adjusting column width and wrapping text, and by applying appropriate financial number formatting and cell styles. Insert a footer with the file name and center the worksheet horizontally on the page.
Sheet 1:
Sheet 2:
Sheet 3:
Sheet 4:
Project 3: Using Microsoft PowerPoint
Refer Week 4 /Lab for help
Job Focus: Sales Manager of a Sports Store called “Front Range Action Sports”
In this job, your role is to showcase the products of your store, the main events you have sponsored, and partnering of charity events, and other products in your store. The text and pictures you have to use is available in Assign_P3_data folder in
The screenshot of the sample slides is as shown below. If the images in the data folder are not sufficient to obtain the slides shown below, you can use any free images available or cite the reference from where you obtained the image.
Project 4: Using Microsoft Access
Refer Week 5 /Lab for help
Job Focus: HR Manager of an Organisation.
In this job, your role is to maintain the database of all student employees of your organisation in Microsoft Access Database and run queries and prepare reports for presenting it to Senior Management on request. You will use the raw data available as two excel spreadsheets data, in Assign_P4_data folder.
You need to run several queries and reports using the raw data in the folder, and details of these queries are provided AccessProject_StudentInstructions.doc in the same raw data folder.
Project 5: Cloud Computing using Google
Refer Week 6 /Lab for help
Job Focus: Operations Manager of a Car Dealership Firm
In this job, your role is to co-ordinate different activities of the firm including maintenance activities, food and beverage stocks etc. request. You will use the raw data (Assign_P5_data) available as excel spreadsheet data, in Assign_P5_data folder.
You need to work with Google cloud tools, and details of the different operations you have to do with the Google cloud tools are provided in GoogleCloudStudentInstructions.doc in the same raw data folder. After completing all the activities.
Project 6: Lab Work Book
In this part, you will submit all the lab activities from week7 to week 11 (Week7, Week 9, Week 10, Week 11). Please refer to week 7, week 9, week 10, week 11 lab activities for details on actual deliverables for the lab work book submission.