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Assignment 2: Self-Development Plan (Essay)
Weighting This assignment accounts for 50% of the assessment in this unit
Date/Week 12
Place Class
Format Essay (3000 words)
Learning Outcomes
Completing this assignment will help you develop your project leadership skills in the future, using your learning from this unit.
Before starting this assignment, you should reflect on Assignment 1, and raise any questions with the lecturer.
The plan is an opportunity to identify your development goals for the near future (1-5 years).
First, you are asked to review your learning from this unit in relation to your self-identity, project leadership skills, strengths and development needs, as follows (suggestion only, feel free to personalise it).
i) What is your self-identity? Introduce yourself in a few paragraphs – your strengths, passions, formative influences (eg family, school, previous work or volunteer work…), life goals etc.
ii) What is project leadership to you? What theories of leadership (eg transactional, situational, transformative, authentic, servant etc) guide your personal concept of it? What are the important skills? Are there any role models (in family, work or public life) that guide/inspire you?
iii) Where do you see your career path heading in the near future (say 5 years). What sort of work, in what sort of firm(s)? How does this fit your life goals?
iv) What skills are required in your current job? Which do you most need to develop? (If not working, what do you think you will need for the next job?)
v) What is your leadership mission? An aspirational statement that you can identify with - why does leadership matter to you, why would you want to lead others?
vi) What will be your key work relationships? Do you need to develop important relationships with certain staff, managers, peers, clients etc? What sort of relationships should they be (“we meet regularly over coffee”)? No names!
vii) Review of strengths and development needs. What capabilities do you have now and what do you aspire to have as a leader in, say, 5 years? You can use Assignment 1, but also consider areas we have covered since then. The review could be a table. Consider four levels:
Character: “I am an extrovert but would like to develop my reflective side..” “I am at good at control but would like to learn to be more dependent on others..”
Experience: “ I have 5 years experience at this level / in this industry / in this unit / in Australia / in middle management / as section leader and in five years I would like to have more experience at ….”
Mindsets: “I am good at operational planning / working with people / marketing / crime analysis but would like to develop my mental framework for working people of other cultures / finance / working at executive level …”
Skills or capabilities: “I have good skills in … but would like to develop …”
Where possible, use and reference the textbook’s concepts of skills.
viii) Plan: What formal (eg., training programs) and informal opportunities (eg., mentoring, observing others, work experience, reflection) do you propose for your future development. This is the heart of the assignment.
As a guide, the Review and Plan should be approximately two-thirds of the essay.
1 Title page and table of contents
2 Introduction
3 Sections (i) to (viii) above
4 Summary - A paragraph or two to highlight your overall ‘trajectory’.
5 References.
The main resource is your continuous learning from assignment 1, class readings and discussions, and reflection on their application to your future development needs.
Please submit via the Turnitin link on Blackboard. Please name your submitted file like this: “Fred Asst 1.docx” (starting with your first name). Your lecturer may ask you to also bring a paper copy to class.
Please follow ECU’s referencing guide – available on the Library web site under Workshops and Training. A short summary of it is found on Blackboard under Assignments.
Word Count
Does not include References. Please place the word count before the References and any Appendices.
Marking Criteria
Comprehensive coverage of the eight sections identified above; clarity of written presentation; good introduction and summary; evidence of learning from text and class discussions; depth of analysis.
The main resources are information from a real organisation and the readings and materials of this unit.
Your overall mark will reflect these general criteria:
50% Does not meet basic requirements or does not show depth in preparation or knowledge.
50% – 69% Meets basic requirements (eg covers all sections above in adequate detail) and indicates some preparation (eg reading of class materials, self-assessments). Realistically relates class materials & discussions to your future learning needs. Presents a realistic plan.
70% - 79% Meets or exceeds basic requirements. Shows good preparation and reflective thought. Broad awareness of class materials and relates these to your future project leadership needs. Shows sound learning from the unit. Clearly written and well presented. Sound introduction and conclusion. Presents an effective plan.
80% + Clearly exceeds basic requirements. Shows evidence of broader reading (including class materials but going beyond them), reflection, and application to your personal context. Demonstrates good insight, especially concerning areas of development, and good learning from the unit. Very clearly written, well presented and referenced. Good introduction and conclusion. Presents a well-justified and thought-out plan.