Recent Question/Assignment

Choose a consumer physical good (not a service or an industrial product) that you have purchased recently. A consumer good is a physical product that is bought to satisfy an individual’s personal needs and wants e.g. sports shoes, laptop computer, and mobile phone.
You are asked to present the following information to an audience such as the CEO or Product Manager for the producing company.
a) Product and company background (approximately 200-300 words) (approximately 2-3 slides)
• Describe the company (including company statistics such as size, market share, location etc)
• Briefly describe your product (brand, model, colour, basic description - laptop sports shoes etc)
b) Target market description
• Describe one (1 only) target market based on at-least 3 (three) relevant variables.
• Explain why these variables/descriptors are relevant for this product. You should refer to the following documents which provide an example of this process - segmentation example and segmentation variables [Pages 2 & 3 of the segmentation example provide a clear example of the explanation/ justification/ referencing process]
c) Using a mixture of theory and application, describe the 3 levels of your product.
* You will use this same type of writing process (theory with application) again in Assignment 3..
** You should ensure you have read the notes for Assignment 2 & 3 which follow
For Assignment 2 you will develop a PowerPoint presentation with an accompanying script (in notes pages) [go to view tab in the menu – choose notes view – slide in the top - transcript at the bottom]. The script is a word-for-word written account of what you would say if you were presenting in person). You can use the following template to help you develop the presentation.
YOU MUST Submit 1 file only with the script in the notes section of PowerPoint. Should you submit your script separately it will not be considered for marking purposes.
SLIDE LIMIT: 10 – 15 slides
WORD COUNT LIMIT (script only): 1000 – 1500 words
Suggested Slide Order
Slide Topic
1 Title slide
2 Presentation overview
3-4 Company description
5 Product description
6-8 Target Market description & justification
9 3 levels of product theory
10 3 levels of product application
11 Reference List