Recent Question/Assignment

2.Project Description
3.Progress Summary
4.Problems Encountered
5.Changes in Requirements
6.Overall Assessment of the Project
7.(This document adds:) Report Apparatus (titles, references, etc.)
1.Project Aim
2.Objectives, Minimum Requirements and Deliverables
3.Project Schedule
4.Progress Report
5.Background Research
6.The background research chapter should be around 10 pages and focus on the relevant background work necessary to address the objectives and deliverables of the project.
This section will form the backbone of any background literature chapters in your final report. Depending on the nature of the project this may include:
• a review of literature evaluating methodologies and methods;
• a review of literature evaluating tools;
• a review of literature reporting the outcomes of similar projects;
• a review of literature proposing particular approaches to problems.
The background research section should address specifically the -Understanding the Problem- category of the markscheme.
1. The overall aim & objectives of the project
2. Applications used in Industrial/ Non-Industrial
3. All About NXT 2.0 & The Mind-Storm Brain
4. Scaling of Vehicle (Use Actual Trailer to Prototype in Lego)
5. Dimension in Actual (2d Drawing @ Hand Sketch)
6. Robot Design is Divided into 3 Parts (Head, Body & Wheels)
7. Material Properties, Moment of Inertia
8. Stress/ Bending/ Torsion/ Buckling Load
9. Complex of a solution, therefore implementing FEA in Autodesk Inventor
11. Design Robot with AUTOCAD - Material - Creating Mesh - Run Stimulation (Theoretical)
12. Built Robot with LDD - Run Stimulation (Practical)
13. Comparison with the built of the robot (Practical & Theoretical)
14. Tabulation of all results (in Table Form)
15. A Review of Literature evaluating methodologies and methods
16. Summary & Importance of Using FEA Stimulation (Dynamic & Static)