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Assignment 1: Project - Training Website
• To develop capability in the production of relevant learning materials for blended learning.
• To gain understanding of a wide range of methods of facilitating learning within organisations.
This assignment requires you to develop a website that will inform and support learning in an organisation.
Process action:
• You will produce a web-based resource that provides online learning for organisational managers.
• You will negotiate the topic focus, then research the area and determine the appropriate materials.
• You will construct a Website/Wiki that provides all the materials that managers need to learn, and guide how they can then apply this learning technique within the organisation to develop their staff.
The site should define the subject, indicate variations, meanings, uses, the pros and cons, and indicate how to use the technique for learning and how to evaluate learning.
It should clearly specify the target audience and objective.
It will also provide a training resource for everyone in the class to use – and you will evaluate the sites produced.
The purpose of the assignment is to develop your capability to deliver learning via the web to staff within organizations. In this case the site you create will also educate your class colleagues in their role as potential managers of learning within organizations.
No more than 2000 words. (this is a link of a sample website, but its different topic but structure can be the same)
Your web pages, which will form part of the class learning resources, should contain variations of the following and should be limited to one main webpage + less than 10 linked pages:
• Name and define the learning technique
• Purpose of the site
• Perhaps history and noted examples of the learning technique
• Uses:
o The variations or categories of the learning technique.
o The key defining characteristics of the learning technique.
o When the learning technique could be used – the uses and limitations
o Factors a facilitator should consider when using the learning technique
• Advantages & Disadvantages of using this learning technique
• Hints for using this method effectively – imperatives for using the learning technique
• Example with a step-by-step explanation of how to use the learning technique in a training environment
• Other considerations such as time, cost, learner capabilities
• The alternatives or variations of the learning technique
• Links or references to further information on the learning technique
You must consider the design organisation of your website some of the aspects you should consider include; layout, attractiveness (font, headings, colour, graphics), accuracy (grammar, punctuation, spelling), and links to other websites. Attract your audience and guide their learning.
Marking criteria
Marks will be allocated for website content, layout, timeliness and quality of feedback of the complete site in week 10.
• You should determine what is the purpose of your learning material.
• You should indicate the rationale that underpins the need for this learning for the organisation.
• You should indicate the target audience.
• You should provide key definitions, indicate variations, meanings, uses, and the pros and cons.
• You should indicate how it relates with the wider HRD and organisational network.
• You should indicate how to use the technique for learning.
• You should indicate how to evaluate learning.
• You should indicate the approaches the learners can use.
• You should specify the knowledge, skills and attitudes your learning material provides.
• You should indicate key sources that the learners can explore.
As per lecture,
I can include some videos, queries
And if I need I can narrow down the website to a specific department (like customer service).