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Assignment 1
Focus: The purpose of this assignment is to provide an opportunity to utilise your skills and knowledge in acquiring secondary (i.e. existing) information as the basis of developing a report describing the current market segmentation, targeting and positioning strategy of your selected organisation.
Task: Utilise the University library, the Internet and any information made available by the organisation (e.g. annual report, promotional materials) to provide an analysis of the organisation’s current approach to market segmentation, targeting and positioning.
Below is a simplified format example for this assignment. It is by no means exhaustive or obligatory and it is up to each student to determine the format and content of their assignment.
Title Page
Table of Contents
Executive Summary
Main Body:
Market Segmentation Strategy:
• Bases e.g. Demographic, Behavioural
• Descriptors e.g. Age, occupation (demographics)
• Profiling and
• Analysis of segments
Targeting Strategy:
• Approach e.g. Concentrated
Positioning Strategy:
• Bases e.g. Specific product attributes
• Perceptual mapping
Recommendations (if applicable)