Recent Question/Assignment

You are an analyst for the US Department of State tasked with examining the future of US-Libyan relations. Write a briefing paper outlining three policy options the USA could pursue towards Libya over the next five to ten years. These policies should aim to promote the USA's interests and ideology in the region and may include discussion of security, economy, democracy promotion, education, regional alliances and unilateral or multilateral initiatives. Discuss your policies and make a recommendation as to which is most preferable, including detailed reasoning for your choice.

In completing this assignment, you must remember to:
o Keep in mind the perspective of the United States
o Adhere to the USA's general policies towards the region
o Be realistic about what the USA and (other parties) would be willing to undertake from a foreign and domestic point of view. (e.g. recommending a major US military presence in Libya or a tripling of the current aid package would be unrealistic.)

The three policies are up to you to choose/develop. They may be three very different policies (e.g. one based on economic aid, one on military support, one of political intervention) or variations of the same idea (e.g. three different economic measures).
A traditional essay style is not required for this assignment, though you must still provide evidence for your arguments and you should present your briefing paper in an appropriately formal style. There is no specific format for a briefing paper. You will see from DFAT examples that even within the same organisation there can be differences in the way an analyst puts together a briefing. You may use sections, sub-headings and bullet points. You may even use graphical objects such as charts and graphs. However, be sparing with these, because ultimately we want you to produce a piece of persuasive writing, not a monthly sales report. The tone of the briefing paper should be formal. Remember, this briefing paper may end up before the Secretary of State or even the President.
An example from another unit This was submitted by a student in AIE364 and received a High Distinction.

Students should observe the following points when preparing their paper:
o Online submission via CloudDeakin ONLY.
o Word length must be strictly observed (3000 words). This total does not include your bibliography and a ±10% margin is acceptable.
o You should use at least ten sources and cite them.
o Use the Oxford system of referencing with footnotes For assistance with Oxford referencing, see
o Use direct quotations sparingly, and seek to outline ideas in your own words.
o The use of other authors’ ideas or words without acknowledgement (plagiarism) is unacceptable and will result in a failure for this piece of assessment.
o The paper must be well structured: introduce, outline, and conclude a consistent argument that directly answers the question you are investigating.
o Each paper must include a bibliography.
o Please submit your paper as a Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx) document. Other software such as Apple's Pages word processor cannot be read by the TurnItIn plagiarism system and are therefore not acceptable.
o DO NOT USE Cover Sheets.
o Extensions will only be granted prior to the due date for legitimate reasons. (Having other assignments due at the same time does not count as a legitimate reason for extension.)
o Late submissions will be penalised at 5% of the total marks available per day.