Recent Question/Assignment

this is finance project includes:
proposal 200-300 words
report 2000-3000 words
its open topic , please find the details .
The term project is an individual term project on ethics, environmental, sustainability and social responsibility from the perspective of an investor, funds manager or investment banker. Required: (1) A written project proposal of 200-300 words; (2) A one-minute video (including oral) presentation of proposal; (3) A written report or essay of 2,000 to 3,000 words; and, (4) A three-minute video (including oral) presentation. The video presentations must have both the face and voice of the presenter and power-point slides must be used for the video presentations.
The list of reading materials can be found in the Moodle folder “Websites and Other Resources” below. You would find several topics and questions relating to UN PRME among those reading materials. After browsing through those reading materials, you would then need to come with a topic (or theme) that would be of interest to investors, funds manager and/or investment bankers.
You may like to avoid social impact (benefit) bonds that are related to social welfare programs, philanthropy and/or privatisation of government services. However, you may utilise the underlying concepts and/or issues of SIBs that are relevant to your topic.
Term Project Format and Marking Guidelines
The Term Project Report can be written as an essay or as a report. For further information, the files -Writing an Essay- and -Writing a Report- can be downloaded from and , respectively.
The marking guidelines are as follow:
Project Question (A): Is it clear that the project is original, substantial and interesting? Is there a clear statement of the question(s) to be addressed?
Literature Review (B): Does the author appear to be adequately aware of the relevant literature (issues)? Has the author demonstrated the ability to critically evaluate existing studies or reports and to identify gaps in the relevant literature (topic area)?
Analyses (C): The quality of the investigations and/or analyses. Do the author’s interpretations of the findings of the investigations and/or analyses indicate the capacity to make considered judgements?
Referencing/Presentation (D): Is the quality of written expression of an acceptable standard? Is material taken form previously published material adequately acknowledged? Are citations suitably presented? Is the bibliography adequately prepared?
Your percentage score (b1) for the term project written report would be calculated as b1=A*B*C*D*(1-S), where S is the similarity score reported by Turnitin. For examples: (1) if the scores for A, B, C, D and S are 0.9, 0.95, 0.95, 0.99 and 0.06, respectively, the your mark for the Term Project would be calculated as 0.9*0.95*0.95*0.99*(1-0.06)*10=7.56; and, (2) if the scores for A, B, C, D and S are 0.96, 0.96, 0.96, 0.99 and 0.0, respectively, the your percentage score (b1) for the Term Project written report would be calculated as 0.96*0.96*0.96*0.99*(1-0.0)=0.876 or 87.6 percent.
Your project grade would be calculated as A1*B1*10, where A1 and B1 are the percentage scores of the project proposal and project report, respectively. The percentage score, A1, would be calculated as A1=a1*a2*a3, where a1, a2 and a3 are the percentage scores of the written project proposal, power-point slides used for the proposal video presentation, and the video (including oral) presentation of the project proposal, respectively. Similarly, the percentage score, B1, would be calculated as B1=b1*b2*b3, where b1, b2 and b3 are the percentage scores of the written project report, power-point slides used for the project report video presentation, and the video (including oral) presentation of the project report, respectively.