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Assessment task 2 guidelines (updated)
Client report
Scope and resources:
• Select one of the diseases for your report – either botrytis bunch rot or grape powdery mildew.
• The data from the field trip will be collated and checked, then available via MyLO by
• A weather file for the region will be available to you for this season.
• An audio file will be available of the discussion with the vineyard managers.
The report style is a client report and should include the following sections:
1. Site and assessment information (vineyard name, date of visit, disease assessed type, block assessed)
2. Background information on _____ disease
3. Disease management strategy (use the information provided by the growers at the vineyards)
4. Assessment method and tools used to support assessment
5. Results of disease assessment (presented as a table)
6. Weather based disease risk assessment (results using either the PM tool or the Botrytis weather based tool)
7. Advice to client addressing these main questions:
a. How much disease was detected overall in the assessed block?
b. Was the amount of disease likely based on the weather? (i.e. using the weather based risk tools, would you say it was a low, moderate or high risk for infection this year?)
c. Might any other factors explain the disease levels observed?
The report is expected to be approximately 6 pages (with appendices if required). No statistical analysis is expected.
The report is due on Monday 4th April at 10 am, submitted via MyLO. A hard copy is also expected and can follow within the next 2 days.