Recent Question/Assignment

Research proposal 3

Due date: 01 Jun 2016
Value: 40%
Words count: 2000
This assignment continuous the story of the two organisations you had selected in the first assignment (preliminary work) and uses the basis of the second assignment (research paper 1) and the third assignment (research paper 2).
In this fourth assignment (research paper 3) you now need to address how these two organisations’ network infrastructure can be impacted by the new era of Big Data.
Structure of research paper
The reading of the journal papers for your assignment, the Essay, has already provided you with good understanding on how a paper is written. When you write your research paper, you will be addressing it to the specific situation of your organisation. However, imagine that you would want to publish it in a journal so that other organisations can also think about your guidelines.
Organise your research paper in the following way:
• Title (you are required to provide your paper’s title)
• Your name and student number
• Abstract (about 100 words)
• Introduction
• Body context (you could divide into several sub-sections if required)
• Conclusion
• References.
The word-count limit for the introduction, body and conclusion of this paper is set at about 2,000 words. Use five (5) or more resources for your citing and referencing in Harvard style. Make sure to provide the name of the organisation as well as the URL, values, vision, and mission statement.
Please note that all assessment items in this course must adhere to the correct Harvard citing and referencing. For this purpose links have been provided to you on the study desk. However, you can consult the library web site for further details and clarifications.