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Description Marks out of Wtg (%) Due Date
JOURNAL 1 100 10 17 Mar 2016
JOURNAL 2 100 15 24 Mar 2016
REPORT 1 100 20 07 Apr 2016
JOURNAL 3 100 15 21 Apr 2016
JOURNAL 4 100 10 28 Apr 2016
REPORT 2 100 30 12 May 2016
Journal 1 (Due Date 17/03/2016) 600 words
You are working for a Health Care organization as an IS/IT Manager, which has a current Health Information Systems (HIS). The existing HIS has been implemented for several years and supports the core / operating business processes of the Health Care organization (APQC – Health Care Provider Process Classification Framework).
Your manager returns from a conference at which he was given a demonstration of the new version of the HIS which has smart handheld device capabilities. He is excited about this new technological development and asks you to research the feasibility of introducing smart handheld devices (e.g. smartphones).
Develop a strategic plan for the implementation of the new version of HIS with smart handheld devices which outlines the current and future state of the Health Care organization. Highlight specific CSF’s, business processes, value streams, business capabilities which will be affected by this change. Include in your journal a graphical representation of the information architecture both before and after the change.
1- Brief introduction to the problem/issue to be addressed and the purpose of the journal.
2- Providing a brief description of information system planning or one of the planning mythologies (BSP, CSF, Method/1, and SSM).
3- Providing a brief summary of strategic plan and their relevance to the health information
4- Highlight specific CSF's, business processes, value streams, business capabilities which will be affected by this change.
5- Brief conclusion that shows the understanding of information system planning in the context of selected organization; and providing references.
Journal 2 (Due Date 24/03/2016) 750 words
Your journal 2 task is to present various factors that you need to consider while planning to introduce smart handheld devices for your selected health care organisation.
For this purpose, assume that you are an IS/ IT Manager of a small hospital. The hospital consists of greater than 50 beds, and specialises in diabetic related treatments. The CEO is keen to extend the existing HIS to be accessible using smart handheld devices so that patients or their carers can schedule hospital appointment requests, check available treatment options, conduct treatment bookings, access treatment fees and other pertinent information.
You can nominate the hospital, the type of services to be offered using the smart handheld devices as an initial scope and then present a plan for the implementation of the smart handheld device interface to the existing or potential HIS.
Understanding the change is key to developing the plan for implementation. Include in your plan a before and after illustration of the information and technical architecture. The illustration could be in the form of a reference model / business anchor model using processes or capabilities or value streams with an overlay of systems.
Identify risks and potential issues (people, process and technology) which may impede or affect your ability to introduce smart handheld devices.
Report 1 (20% - Due on 07 April 2016)
Topic: Systems Planning
Length: 1200 words excluding reference list
You have been hired as an Information Systems consultant to examine My Health Centre, a fictitious State Government Hospital, with about 20 specialists. My State Hospital offers diabetic services to general public in the state. The services include initial screening, ongoing diagnosis and periodical treatment. The costs are recovered through the State Government subsidy provided.
The Hospital is modern and comes with the state-of-the-art technology infrastructure, including limited wireless systems. The registrar, who is responsible for all patient safety and service quality affairs wanted to revise the IT infrastructure, especially interested in the access to all hospital services available from their existing HIS through mobile devices and tablets inside and beyond the Hospital.
Your task is to develop a Business Systems Planning document with full justification as to how these are applicable for the organisation. Your planning document must determine how best to accommodate smart handheld devices to access various services provided by the Hospital through it’s HIS. Your task is to come with a planning document as to how a smart handheld devices system can be implemented as an effective interface to the HIS in order to improve the business processes. You can include any logical assumptions made with critical analysis however these must be clearly stated. You MUST also address the following:
• Any potential customer of My State Hospital can securely access all relevant information pertaining to services offered using a variety of smart handheld devices.
• The planning should involve provision for security, privacy and other end user concerns with using smart handheld devices, along with appropriate justification.
• Your planning document should discuss various technical options available for the new interface (data, integration, application, security, collaboration, network and systems management), along with appropriate justification.
• The planning document should involve consideration for various interfaces (native or SDK) for mobile applications (e.g. Apple App Store, Android Google Store or HTML5 web format). • The planning document should also include a high level business benefits and budget outlining a provisional list of expense items, along with appropriate justification.
• The planning document should enlist a number of key recommendations for the implementation of the mobile interface to the HIS.
• You don’t have to provide a costing plan now, as this will be done in the second assignment.
• Include a recommendation on how change will be managed and the adoption of the new capabilities will be promoted and monitored
You will prepare a planning document with an executive summary on how the above aspects can be accommodated. The planning document is a simple report but covering all aspects stated above in a succinct manner. You have been a given a word limit of 1200 words (excluding references, tables and diagrams). You can use any style for business report writing as long as the report is professional and presentable.

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