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This is the topic must be submit in 2 drafts
The Environment:
Is the environment a concern for engineers? If so, why, and what can be done about it? What is the role for an engineer?
*The first draft:
1 A well-structured draft introduction of your A1 assignment– refer to notes in the Literacy Skills Week 3 folder (2)
2 Clear arguments and ideas addressing the topic (2)
3 Clear and concise writing free from typographical and grammatical errors (2)
1 An outline showing clear headings for each section with a brief overview of each section (2)
2 One reference using APA 6th edition referencing – the reference should be cited in text (in the introduction or outline) and end-text – (2)
It should also include:
Second draft *
1 Report of an industry standard, being clear and concise and free from typographical and grammatical errors
2 Work typed on A4 size paper (approx. 12 pages) with1.5 line spacing
3 Sections integrate well demonstrating good flow and coordination of ideas
4 Correct application of APA referencing standard throughout the report
5 Effective use of related research
1 Highlighted ethical aspects and assessment of their relevance to engineers
2 Analysis and evaluation of ethical issues and expression of your own opinions and thoughts where applicable
3 The arguments are logically developed; well-structured and supported
4 Thoughtful introduction and conclusion
5 An executive summary of no more than one page, setting the scene, highlighting the major findings from your report and offering possible recommendations.
6 Challenges faced in producing the required information and how you have overcome them
7 Lessons learnt and your recommendations
8 Indicate the competencies you believe you may have demonstrated and to what extent (refer to Engineering Australia Stage 1 Competencies Document)

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