Recent Question/Assignment

Question 1: List 5 business events that would require you to recruit new staff?
Question 2: What is the primary factor in determining staffing needs?
Question 3: Why should you regularly discuss workload considerations with your staff?
Question 4: List 3 pieces of information you may need to supply when making a written submission for approval of a new position.
Question 5: List 4 pieces of information a job description should contain.
Question 6: Why is customer service attitude and experience an important part of the selection criteria for TH&E positions?
Question 7: How do well written selection criteria help the selection process?
Question 8: When advertising for staff there are several laws that you must be aware of. List 3 of these.
Question 9: How can an application form help you process applications more quickly?
Question 10: Describe the process of ‘shortlisting’ or ‘culling’.
Question 11: What 2 pieces of information should you include in a rejection letter?
Question 12: List 3 examples of ‘special arrangements’ you may need to make when preparing for interviews?
Question 13: How can you comply with privacy laws when storing applications?
Question 14: During interview, how does keeping a written record of the candidate’s suitability according to the selection criteria assist you in complying with EEO legislation?
Question 15: List 3 checks you may do as part of the selection process.
Question 16: List 3 testing methods you may use to determine if the applicant has the right attitude and aptitude for the position.
Question 17: List 2 departments you may need to contact to help get everything set up for the new position.
Question 18: What is the purpose of a ‘letter of appointment’? What is it often accompanied with?
Question 19: What should be created for a new employee to record the employment process? List 4 things it should contain.
Question 20: List 5 key things your induction program should cover.
Question 21: Businesses are required to record proof that workplace health and safety information was communicated clearly. What are some ways to achieve this?
Question 22: How does designating a colleague for assistance during the induction process help your new employee?
Question 23: Face-to-face interviews are one type of interview. Name 2 others.
Question 24: Under what circumstances would it be necessary to readvertise the position and start the process again?
Question 25: What do some employers (who require a close team environment) do to ensure the candidate will fit into the team?
Question 26: How could you adjust your interview technique to accommodate a candidate who speaks little English or has speech difficulties?
Question 27: What are your obligations under Anti-discrimination law in treatment of a candidate with special needs?
Question 28: For your industry sector and/or department, list 3 effective ways of advertising positions.
Question 29: What is the advantage of using a recruitment agency over managing the recruitment process yourself?
Question 30: Describe 1 condition of the award the staff in your department area paid under.
Question 31: Name 1 advantage of a panel interview over a one-on-one interview.