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CSG5130 Assignment 1 – A Design Above
Widgets and Gadgets (WaG) have recently acquired a business, We Make Stuff (WMS), in another city. Before work can commence on integrating WMS's network into WaG's, WMS actually need to have a network. WMS consists of three close buildings, each with multiple floors. Each floor is dedicated to a business function as follows:
• Building 1
o Basement:
? IT Support
• 8 main servers
• 12 Workstations
o Ground Floor:
? Reception and Human Resources
• 20 Workstations
? Main Assembly
• 5 Workstations
• 8 Wireless Devices
o First Floor:
? Finance
• 10 Workstations
o Second Floor:
? Management
• 6 Workstations
• 12 Wireless Devices
• 1 Teleconferencing Board room
• Building 2
o Ground Floor:
? Main manufacturing floor
• 10 Wireless Devices
• 4 Computer Controlled Devices
o First Floor:
? Component design
• 8 Workstations
• 1 3D Printer
o Second Floor:
? Orders and Shipping
• 5 Workstations
• Building 3
o Ground Floor:
? Small components assembly
• 7 Workstations
• 3 Wireless Devices
• 3 Computer Controlled Testing Devices
o First Floor:
? Electrical manufacturing
• 11 Workstations
o Second Floor:
? Research and Design
• 15 Workstations (Secured)
• 3 3D Printers
? External (Defence and Secret) Projects
• -Some- workstations and devices
Task Details
You have been hired to design and, after approval, implement a network for WMS. In this submission you should make a LOGICAL topology design of the network taking into account what you know about collisions and network devices. You should also use VLANs for restricting sensitive resources to only those areas that need it.
You should use the symbols provided in the Visio Stencil for Week 1 workshop.
Remember, this is a topology design. Logical concepts need to be displayed, physical implementation design decisions (such as which model router to use, how far a cable runs) are not important.
Marks Worth 15% of the total marks of the unit
Due Date Week 5 (exact date listed on Blackboard)
Submission Instructions
Submit the Visio file only through Blackboard. If you cannot get access to Visio, either through on campus labs or through the ECU MSDNAA, then Lucid Charts will also be accepted. Include an MD5 hash in the comments section; this is for your benefit if there are problems with Blackboard.
The marking allocation for this assignment is at the end of this document. If any point is unclear send an e-mail, phone or make an appointment well before the assignment is due with your lecturer. If you submit in a file format other than Visio or Lucid Charts then it will NOT be accepted and it will NOT be marked.
Please ensure that you have read and understood the information on plagiarism provided on the site for this unit and read the Academic Misconduct Rules. Should you not reference correctly or be caught copy or plagiarising others work the penalties for this are mandatory and serious. Repeat offences in other units may result in course termination. If you are unsure consult with your lecturer or the Faculty Academic Skills Adviser before submitting your work for assessment.
CSG5130 Assignment 1
Marks Allocation
Logical Topology 4
Appropriate use of Hubs/Switches 3
Appropriate Use of Routers 4
Choice of how to represent VLANs 4

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