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NOTE: Full details on this assessment item can be found on page 12 & 13 of the Unit Outline.
The purpose of the Case Analysis is for students to demonstrate their understanding of the strategic purpose of an integrated marketing strategy. To achieve this students must integrate marketing theory AND case specific data. Specifically, students should introduce relevant marketing theory and then apply their case specific data to this theory in order to illustrate their understanding of marketing concepts within a given practical business context.
For this assessment students are to use a minimum of 5 Academic references (e.g. peer-reviewed journal articles). For the purposes of this assessment the prescribed text can be counted as 1 of the 5 Academic sources. For some guidelines on how to access such sources from the Library databases I've prepared some basic instructions which can be accessed from the 'How to access Academic Sources' link provided below.
For the case specific data, first you must choose ONE (1) New Product from the ‘Case Choice’ list provided below. With a recent, or upcoming, release date onto the Australian market you are required to undertake your own desk-based research into how the New Product is marketed (concentrating on the business-to-consumer market in Australia). This research should be conducted using only publicly available secondary data from e.g. websites, trade journals, industry reports, magazines, and your own observations.
Sanitarium: Weet-Bix GO breakfast biscuits (4 flavours).
Milkman Grooming Co: Beard care product range.
BMW: i3 electric car.
Length: 2800 words maximum

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