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In addition to the specific tasks detailed below, for this assessment item you must also submit a recorded presentation. The presentation should be 10-15 min in length (10-15 slides) and targeted at your client. The purpose of the presentation is to show the client that you understand the business problem and vision for the project, that you have identified the requirements, scope and risks for the project, and that you have a solution that will suit the client. This means that your presentation should be delivered in a manner and using language that your client will be able to understand. It should include a general overview of your design and how it meets the specified business goals, and may discuss specific technical design issues or trade-offs that you have made in your design. Network Engineering / Systems Administration students, your presentation should also include a short proof of concept/prototype demonstration that makes it clear that you are on track to deliver a fully working solution in ITC308.
An electronic copy of the templates for the Design Document and Presentation can be found in the resources section of the ITC306 Interact site.
Network Engineering / Systems administration
Final Solution Design Documentation and Proof of Concept Prototype Presentation
Be aware that this assignment require two documents
first is Design document(25-30 PAGES), which is a word document (Sample is attached)
Second is Proof of Concept Prototype Presentation , a PPT (Requirements in above paragraph)