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ACC5218 Auditing Practice, S3 2015
Assessment: Assignment 2
Description Wtg (%) Due Date Type Word limit
Assignment 2
25 10 January 2016
1500 words
Submission Instructions:
• The front style for your answer should be set to “Time New Roman” size 12 with 1.5 line spacing, 2.5cm margin & A4 page layout.
• The assignment should be typed and a complete assignment cover sheet attached.
• The policy statement on cheating and plagiarism is a cornerstone of academic integrity at USQ. All students are responsible for familiarizing themselves with the policy, seeking further advice if necessary and complying with it at all times. If you use any material, for example textbooks, journal articles etc. to support your answer, you are to use the Harvard Style of referecing in your answer for both in-text and bibliography referencing (students are expected to use external material and articles).
• Referencing: The Harvard (AGPS) style - USQ Library's referencing guide at
Assignment Coversheet
School /Faculty: School of Commerce, Faculty of Business, Education, Law and Arts
Course: ACC5218 Auditing
Assignment Description/Number: Assignment 2
Date Submitted: Assignment Due Date: 22 January 2016
Declaration: By submitting this assignment, I declare that:
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University of Southern Queensland
• No part of this assignment has been copied from any other person’s work except where due acknowledgement is made in the text, and
• No part of this assignment has been written for me by any other person except where such collaboration has been authorised by the examiner concerned.
• I hold a copy of this assignment which I can produce if the original is lost or damaged.
• An examiner has and may exercise the right not to mark this assignment without the above declaration.
• If the above declaration is found to be false, action will be taken in accordance with USQ regulations.

Research Project
This assignment is a research component within the Auditing Practice assessment. There is no model answer to this assignment. You need to conduct desk research and based on this and any anecdotal evidence and/ or personal experience consider the topic provided.
Topic: The challenges facing contemporary auditors.
You are required to consider the challenges facing contemporary auditors under the following headings:
1. The increasing sophistication and complexity of businesses. (20 marks)
2. The increasing internationalisation/globalisation in the business environment.
(20 marks)

3. The greater expectations placed on auditors in terms of accountability etc; (10 marks)