Recent Question/Assignment

Assessment rationale

This assignment requires you to become well versed in exemplary marketing organisations and those who don't perform as well. Based on your course material to date and secondary research, including chats (personal communications) conducted over Christmas functions, develop a Slideshare or Prezi for presentation to your management team with 5 examples of either impressive or less than impressive marketing capability across a range of organisations or industries.

Your justified (through research) cases should include brief details of the organisation and then specifically brief discussion on how they organise internally for marketing, their STP approach (or lack of it), how their marketing or concepts are working in the current Marketing environment and aspects of the marketing mix which they are leveraging well (or not).

Examples might be from global corporations, NFP, government or your favourite coffee house (or micro business). Sources of information should include a range from journal articles to contemporary and including fresh sources like trending topics on social media.
The assignment specifically addresses the following learning outcomes
2 be able to find relevant and important information about organisations, their industries and marketplaces from secondary sources;
3 be able to evaluate the key marketing aspects of segmentation, targeting and positioning (STP) and be able to analyse an organisation's approach to STP;
5 be able to discover and evaluate how contemporary issues of environment, social media and other technology, society and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) might affect marketing.
Marking criteria
This assignment is worth 40% of the total mark, .
Your assessment will be assessed on the following criteria:
Key issues: Are the questions all answered fully, with theory explained, cited, and applied? Demonstrated understanding of the theory is the main assessment criteria – this understanding will be shown through clear explanations of the relevant theory, as well as sound application of that theory to the organisation studied.
Critical analysis: Is some in-depth analysis evident or has the source material been accepted uncritically?
Research: Has research from a range of authoritative sources been integrated into your work?
Structure: Is the essay developed logically and well-structured? Does the writing flow well?
Writing style: Is the style concise and lucid or is it difficult for the reader to get the point? Is the grammar and language appropriate for a postgraduate level academic essay?
Presentation: Have you presented a quality product with tidy layout, and free of typos?
Word limit: Does the assessment meet the word limit?
Referencing: Have books and articles which have contributed directly to the assessment been acknowledged appropriately throughout the essay? Is a well formatted reference list been included?