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BSBMGT515A Manage operational plan
Assessment 1 - Questions
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Question 1: Give 2 examples of source documents which would help in researching staffing requirements for an operation.
Question 2: Give 2 examples of source documents which would help in researching production requirements for an operation.
Question 3: Give 2 examples of source documents which would help in researching finance requirements for an operation.
Question 4: List 4 stakeholders with whom you would discuss research and analysis of resource requirements.
Question 5: Give 2 examples of source documents which would help in researching resource (stock) requirements.
Question 6: List 2 ways in which consultation with stakeholders may occur.
Question 7: How does developing KPIs help with the development of the operational plan?
Question 8: Give 3 examples of strategies you can use when developing contingency plans.
Question 9: Why must your operational plan be approved before being implemented?
Question 10: List 3 items you would include in an induction pack.
Question 11: Give 3 examples of monitoring methods to ensure the work is proceeding on time, within budget, and being conducted safely.
Question 12: Give 2 examples of financial reports you can use to monitor profitability.
Question 13: The first 3 steps in managing under performance are:
1. Identify the problem
2. Assess and analyse the problem
3. Meet with the employee to discuss the problem
What are the last 2 steps?

Question 14: List 2 benefits to businesses of coaching and mentoring programs.
Question 15: Why is it important to notify managers and other upper level stakeholders as soon as possible when variations are discovered?
Question 16: Do operational plans cover the short to medium, or medium to long term business goals?
Question 17: Give 2 examples of alternative resource usage, efficiency and waste programs you should investigate when creating your operational plan