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SITXMGT502 Manage Projects
Assessment 3 –Scenario
Hypothetical scenario
Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea is one of the Cancer Council’s leading fundraising events and the largest, most successful event of its kind in Australia. Over $60 million has been raised since it first began in 1994.
Tweed Council is hosting a ‘Biggest Morning Tea’ and has secured Madura Tea as their major sponsor. They hope to raise at least $30,000, promote the Tweed area through publicity of the event and foster community relationships. A number of minor sponsors have donated a range of prizes to be auctioned to further raise funds.
Tweed Council is hosting a ‘high tea’ on the banks of the Tweed River for 750 patrons (pre-sold tickets). Two levels of tickets have been sold:
• 500 at $55 per head to be seated at the long white-clothed tables and to be provided with table service by professionally dressed waiters.
• 250 at $20 per head; they will be seated on their own picnic rugs on the banks of the river. They will serve themselves buffet style and eat their food and drinks on their picnic rugs.
The high tea will include the following:
• Chicken & wild herb; cucumber, crème fraiche and dill sandwiches,
• Warm scones and a variety of conserves and cream,
• Assorted sweets – mini lemon tarts, hummingbird cake, dark chocolate cups, mini melting raspberry moments,
• A variety of classic teas, herbal teas and infusions,
• Coffee,
• Glass of sparkling wine available at additional cost of $5 per glass.
Two high profile entertainers will perform on the stage for 45 minutes each and “Roving Buskers” will entertain prior to the event and in-between acts.
The morning tea will take place from 9:30 to 11:00am on a Thursday morning. Guests have the option of parking at a central location and getting a dedicated bus service to the location at fifteen-minute intervals from 8:00am. There is a limited amount of parking at the site.
Please answer the following questions in relation to the above scenario.
1. What do you think is the objective of this event?
Raise funds for Cancer council, publicise Tweed area and foster community relationships.
2. List four stakeholders.
Cancer Council Tweed Council, Madura Tea, Minor sponsors, contractors – staging, catering, furniture, entertainers
3. Which of the following ways do you think are the most appropriate to support and assist the organising team in the lead up to the event and throughout this particular event? Tick the boxes you believe apply.
• Informal coaching and feedback
• Formal training opportunities
• Moderation and joint planning sessions
• Regular meetings and briefings
• Representing the team's interests in the wider community
• Other – please expand...
4. Your catering contractor has provided all wait and serving staff for the event, however there are a number of volunteers you have employed to assist in various roles. Which of the following ways will enable you to build trust and respect within the project team? Tick the boxes that apply.
• Debrief (pre and post event)
• Provide regular breaks
• Provide staff and volunteers with morning tea
• Regularly check on their progress
• Provide them with specific tasks to complete
5. What is the best way to conduct an event briefing with staff? Describe two items you might discuss in the briefing?
6. Conduct a SWOT analysis for the event.
7. List 3 ways you could promote the above event to potential ticket buyers, remembering there are two different markets.
8. List 2 methods you would use to evaluate the success of this event?