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SITXMGT502 Manage Projects
Assessment 2 –Portfolio of Evidence
For this assessment you are required to use the developed project plan and tools from Assessment 1, Project.
A complex event must have multiple components and involve:
• Need for a comprehensive and multifaceted event plan
• Need for a formal internal or external communications strategy
• Dedicated and diverse event budget
• Multiple administrative and operational components
• A wide range of stakeholders
• An events operations team.
The assessment is to be professionally presented using a computer.
Project Details
Student should lead a project team for the event concept planned in Assessment 1, Project, which is actually held.
Provide a portfolio of evidence which should include the following aspects as a guide:
1. Your Project Plan developed for Assessment 1, Project, with any amendments
2. A clear budget with estimated and actual income and expenses recorded
3. Any documentation that records coordination and implementation of the various project phases
4. The Gantt chart developed in Assessment 1 with milestones and any amendments recorded
5. All completed final project reports
6. A summary of completed evaluations