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SITXMGT502 Manage Projects
Assessment 1 –Project
For this assessment you are required to put together a project plan that will administer, monitor and evaluate a commercial and complex event of your choice. A complex event must have multiple components and involve:
• Need for a comprehensive and multifaceted event plan
• Need for a formal internal or external communications strategy
• Dedicated and diverse event budget
• Multiple administrative and operational components
• A wide range of stakeholders
• An events operations team.
The assessment is to be professionally presented using a computer.
Project Details
You are required to develop a project plan for a commercial event concept. The event must be of a large scale and meet the criteria of a complex event which meets the key criteria listed in the instructions above. The project plan must include the following:
1. Overview - You are to provide a one page overview of the event including:
a. The event concept
b. The purpose
c. The objectives
d. A list of the main stakeholders
e. A SWOT analysis
2. Your project plan is to include the following:
a. The administrative structure (include reporting lines)
b. A detailed budget and an assessment of financial viability
c. A complex Gantt chart for planning your event with milestones highlighted and
produced using project management software
d. List and describe six examples of how you will monitor and control the project
e. A detailed marketing plan
f. Explain 3 ways you will evaluate the event, ensure you refer back to your objectives. Provide one completed example of an evaluation
g. Include a bibliography

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