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SITXHRM503 Monitor staff performance
Assessment 2
Developing procedures for performance appraisal and report
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This assessment consists of 2 parts, Part A and Part B
Part A
– requires you to choose 3 different job roles relevant to your industry or area of training, for example Hospitality, Tourism or Events and develop the documentation for a performance appraisal procedure for these 3 positions.
Part B
– requires you to write a report in which you will outline how you will administer the performance appraisal, the provisions for various feedback requirements, processes to recognise and deal with performance problems including training, and informal and formal grievance procedures.
To demonstrate competence each PART must be answered by the student.
When you have completed all the required tasks check your work before submitting.
Once the assessment has been marked, your trainer will provide you with feedback within the timelines set out by your trainer.
You will be required to complete other relevant assessment tasks for this unit.

PART A – Developing procedures for performance appraisal
1. Choose 3 different positions relevant to your industry or area of study in Hospitality, Tourism or Events and define 4 different job roles common for each of these positions.
Examples for different positions and job roles in these sectors can be accessed under following links:
2. Establish the key performance indicators for the job roles you have listed for each position. The following links can help you to define these:
Position Description – Executive Sous Chef
3. Develop measurable criteria which you will use to base your questions for the individual appraisals on. The following key aspects provide a general guideline for key points that should be incorporated.
? Punctuality and attendance
? Personal appearance
? Adherence to dress codes
? Courtesy
? Quality of work
? Decision-making abilities
? Productivity
? Teamwork
? Up-selling and on-selling
? Waste and cost minimisation
? Adherence to organisational policies
? Job-specific knowledge
? Potential
? Safety and hygiene records
? Professional development
? Suggestions and feedback from employee
4. Develop a set of questions based on your criteria developed in Question 3 which will be used for the staff performance appraisal
PART B – Report
Write a report that clearly outlines how you will implement the performance appraisal for your 3 staff. Your report needs to include the following details:
? Notification of staff and timelines of what will occur, how and when
? Who will participate in the review process
? How you will identify performance problems based on your criteria which you have developed in PART A
? Provisions for training and professional development: How these are determined and which options could be used to manage this effectively
? Grievance procedures
? Informal and formal counselling options including options for problem solving techniques
? Provisions and options for recognising and rewarding achievement
? Procedures for disagreements of performance
? Documentation and record keeping requirements