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SITXHRM503 Monitor staff performance
Assessment 1 - Questions
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Question 1: How does a well-defined job description help the business?
Question 2: When applying targets they should follow the SMART principle. What does SMART stand for?
Question 3: List 7 criteria which are often used in performance appraisals in the TH&E industry that can help you monitor the ongoing performance of staff.

Question 4: When should you provide your employees with feedback?
Question 5: List 4 functions of coaches and mentors.
Question 6: Giving feedback helps guide and support your staff. ‘Giving credit where credit is due is one example’. List 3 others.
Question 7: List 3 ways to identify if a staff member might need further coaching or training.

Question 8: List 5 strategies you might take to prevent performance problems.
Question 9: What is the first step in resolving a performance problem?
Question 10: List 3 possible solutions to performance problems.
Question 11: If you find that performance issues are ongoing what are some steps you might take?
Question 12: What does a formal disciplinary procedure usually involve?
Question 13: Why is it important to have accurate records of any disciplinary procedures?
Question 14: Name 3 methods of reviewing performance.
Question 15: Name 5 aims of a performance management system.
Question 16: Any criticism given during the review should be what?
Question 17: What do you do with completed performance records?
Question 18: What are the advantages of an employee agreeing to a course of action during a performance review?
Question 19: For YOUR organisation or industry, describe the procedures for performance appraisal, counselling sessions, or grievance procedures.