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SITXHRM501 Recruit select and induct staff
Assessment 1 - Questions
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This short answer assessment is one form of assessment that is used to collect evidence of competency for this unit.
To demonstrate competence you must correctly answer all questions. Any shortfalls or wrong responses may be followed up by your trainer in verbal, written or practical instance.
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Question 1: List 5 business events that would require you to recruit new staff?
Question 2: What is the primary factor in determining staffing needs?
Question 3: Why should you regularly discuss workload considerations with your staff?
Question 4: List 3 pieces of information you may need to supply when making a written submission for approval of a new position.
Question 5: List 4 pieces of information a job description should contain.
Question 6: Why is customer service attitude and experience an important part of the selection criteria for TH&E positions?
Question 7: How do well written selection criteria help the selection process?
Question 8: When advertising for staff there are several laws that you must be aware of. List 3 of these.
Question 9: How can an application form help you process applications more quickly?

Question 10: Describe the process of ‘shortlisting’ or ‘culling’.
Question 11: What 2 pieces of information should you include in a rejection letter?
Question 12: List 3 examples of ‘special arrangements’ you may need to make when preparing for interviews?
Question 13: How can you comply with privacy laws when storing applications?
Question 14: During interview, how does keeping a written record of the candidate’s suitability according to the selection criteria assist you in complying with EEO legislation?

Question 15: List 3 checks you may do as part of the selection process.
Question 16: List 3 testing methods you may use to determine if the applicant has the right attitude and aptitude for the position.
Question 17: List 2 departments you may need to contact to help get everything set up for the new position.
Question 18: What is the purpose of a ‘letter of appointment’? What is it often accompanied with?
Question 19: What should be created for a new employee to record the employment process? List 4 things it should contain.
Question 20: List 5 key things your induction program should cover.
Question 21: Businesses are required to record proof that workplace health and safety information was communicated clearly. What are some ways to achieve this?
Question 22: How does designating a colleague for assistance during the induction process help your new employee?
Question 23: Face-to-face interviews are one type of interview. Name 2 others.
Question 24: Under what circumstances would it be necessary to readvertise the position and start the process again?
Question 25: What do some employers (who require a close team environment) do to ensure the candidate will fit into the team?
Question 26: How could you adjust your interview technique to accommodate a candidate who speaks little English or has speech difficulties?
Question 27: What are your obligations under Anti-discrimination law in treatment of a candidate with special needs?
Question 28: For your industry sector and/or department, list 3 effective ways of advertising positions.
Question 29: What is the advantage of using a recruitment agency over managing the recruitment process yourself?

Question 30: Describe 1 condition of the award the staff in your department area paid under.
Question 31: Name 1 advantage of a panel interview over a one-on-one interview.

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