Recent Question/Assignment

2015-2016 MECH 2011Y – ??????????
Your assignment shall be based on a study of the impact of ??? source/types of energy on society. The assignment (one report) must be submitted strictly in accordance with the specified due date.
The issues that may be addressed in the assignment are:
• Impact of the chosen energy source on society;
• Impact of engineering work, related to the type of energy source chosen, on the environment;
• Health and safety issues related to the installation and use of the chosen type of energy; • The nature of pollution associated with the use of the chosen source of energy, if relevant.
• Impact of the associated activities of the energy type on society.
Satisfactory performance would mean that assignment shows understanding of any three of the following:
• The nature of the impact of tapping a particular type of energy (including the benefits);
• How far the installation work and maintenance work are detrimental to the environment; • Health and safety hazards related to the tapping of the energy source;
• The impact of day to day activities related to the use of energy source.
Important dates:
The group will decide about the choice of energy that they would work on and inform me by email by the 21st September 2015. Confirmation for same will be sent to you by the 25th September 2015. After the latter deadline, any group(s) without a title will be assigned one and will not be allowed to change to a different topic.
All groups need to submit a ‘Proposal for the assignment’ by the 2nd October 2015.
Submission (report): through ‘Turnitin’; further info will be provided. Deadline: Friday 29th Jan 2016. Presentation: students will be informed after the 29th January 2017.
Assessment will be based on the content of the report, its format and the presentation (60:10:30).
The report/presentation should contain the following:
1. The importance of the source of energy you have chosen for the assignment;
2. Rationale behind the work;
3. Literature review;
4. Discussion; 5. Conclusion.
Formatting and referencing should be according to UoM regulations.
Format – 10 %; 1 – 5 (above) – 45% and referencing – 15%.
Negative marking applies.