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Von Neumann Architecture
Value: 5%
Due date: 04-Dec-2015
Return date: 30-Dec-2015
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Total Marks: 10 marks
1. In considering the Von Neumann architecture, describe in English the process that the CPU must undertake to read a value from memory and to write a value from memory and to write a value to memory in terms of what is put into the MAR, MBR, address bus, data bus, and control bus. [5 marks]
2. Suppose that the following instructions are found at the given location in memory: [5 marks]

0040H LOAD 0060H
0041H MULT 0061H
0042H STORE 0061H
0060H 20
0061H 12

Show the contents of all CPU Registers; IR, PC, MAR, MBR, and AC. You need to provide all steps that reach you the final values.
Online submission via Turnitin is required for this assignment.
This assessment task covers topic 1, and has been designed to ensure that you are engaging with the subject content on an early. Moreover, it seeks to assess your ability to:
• be able to define and appropriately use computer systems terminologies;
• be able to describe the essential elements of computer organisation and discuss how the elements function;
Marking criteria
Fail ( 50%) Pass (50% - 64%) Credit (65% - 74%) Distinction (75% - 84%) High Distinction (=85%)
Question 1 Depth and breadth of knowledge demonstrated: Fails to grasp or address the core concepts, ideas and/or theories pertinent to the assignment (e.g. by not answering the question). Some important ideas, concepts, or theories relevant to the topic have been overlooked, or insufficiently described to indicate a clear understanding. Mostly relevant ideas, concepts with few minor omissions. Main relevant ideas, concepts, theories covered, (but with very few minor omissions); and with some awareness of the provisional nature of knowledge and/or perspectives possible. All relevant ideas, concepts, theories covered with clear explanation, and with clear recognition of the provisional nature of knowledge and/or multiple perspectives possible.
Little or no evidence of reading/research relevant to the topic. Only a limited (or minimum) number of listed sources used to support the answer. Most listed sources used discrimination to support the answer. A variety of listed sources used with discrimination to support the answer Clear
evidence of
a wide range of relevant, current
and credible
sources used to answer/explore
the question/task.
Some sources lacking in currency, credibility and/or relevance. Goes beyond listed resources to carry out independent research
Clarity & succinctness of writing (including syntax, adherence to word limit and appropriateness for purpose) Expression is unclear, rambling, and/or inappropriate for the genre; meaning is unclear. Expression and/or meaning frequently
unclear or ambiguous, repetitive, not always to the point, and/or inappropriate for purpose. Expression is clear. Expressions are ok. Expression in the main clear and fluent, within word limit, and in the appropriate genre; meaning clear. Expression clear, fluent precise, focused on the question, within word limit, and in the appropriate genre; meaning crystal clear
Frequent grammatical and other errors seriously distract the reader. Interspersed with numerous grammatical, spelling and/or punctuation errors. Only few grammar, spelling & punctuation errors. Grammar, spelling & punctuation is mostly free of errors. Grammar, spelling & punctuation is virtually free of errors.
Referencing Incorrect referencing style used. Inconsistently applies the APA. referencing style. APA referencing style with few errors. APA. referencing style applied with few errors. Faultless application of APA. Referencing style.
Most sources not acknowledged, or acknowledged inappropriately. Significant number of sources not acknowledged or otherwise not acknowledged appropriately, raising questions of plagiarism. Few references are irrelevant or not up to date. Sources generally acknowledged through paraphrasing, summarising and quoting (although not always in appropriate balance). All source material correctly acknowledged,
with appropriate, balanced use of paraphrasing, summarizing and quoting.
Question 2 Answers are incorrect Total marks available = 6 marks
• Subtract 1 mark for each incorrect answer