Recent Question/Assignment

MNG93002 Strategy and Case Analysis
Assignment 2
Due Date: 14 December 2015
Value: 30% (marked out of 30)
You have been asked to read the case example China comes to Hollywood: Wanda’s acquisition of AMC (Johnson et al., 2014, pp.290-292) and answer the following questions:
• Considering Yip’s globalisation framework, what drivers of internationalisation do you think were most important when Wanda entered the US market through its AMC acquisition?
• What national source of competitive advantage might Wanda draw from its Chinese base? What disadvantages derive from its Chinese base?
• In light of the CAGE framework, what challenges may Wanda meet as it enters the US market?
You report must be structured as follows:
• Introduction (3 marks)
• Analysis of Wanda’s acquisition of AMC o Insights from Yip’s globalisation framework (5 marks) o Wanda’s competitive advantages and disadvantages (5 marks) o Insights using the CAGE framework (5 marks). • Discussion (5 marks)
• Conclusion (2 marks).
Five (5) additional marks will be allocated to English expression and grammar.
Tips for preparing your report:
• Define your terms;
• Clearly explain the concepts;
• Make use of multiple references (minimum of five);
• Keep to the word limit; and
• Ensure your assignment is well-presented and free from grammatical and typographical errors and appropriately referenced.