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As I chatted with Jimmy, I known your email address and I would like to write to you.
I am a new student in Australia country, this is my first semester. Everything is new and I am not familar with procedures, the way to write and prepare assignment and I feel confusing. I am finding the solutions for my assignment of economics with problem will bellowed:
-This summer appears to be another scorcher. Coca Cola and all the major drink companies are banking for record sales of fizzy drinks. During the past decade the government have pressed for healthy eating and drinking habits as unhealthy Australian culture is costing the government an enormous amount of funding for health care. The government is consistently trying to raise awareness of the sugar content of some of the fizzy drinks via multiple advertising. It appears that that this might have had an effect after all. Coca Cola has reported that sales have been slowly dropping over the years for its fizzy drinks and upon closer look there are now many smaller businesses selling healthy drinks all around the major cities such as Boost Juice. Using the concepts of demand and supply (chapter 1, 2, 3) analyse the change in the trend of healthy drinking for fizzy & healthy drinks-
The deadline for this assignment is on 29 Nov.,15. It is so urgent and I must submit it through turnitin.
I hope you can help me for this assignment to be on time.
Pls check and inform me with the best price and incentive if any.
I look forward to hear from you soon.