Recent Question/Assignment

Research Project
Research Project Title
Partner Organisation (if applicable)
Brief description of what you are testing, or what you are seeking to find

This section might begin with a 2-4-sentence description of the ‘problem space,’ or the research context you are investigating. The section should conclude with 1 sentence stating what you are trying to find out.
Relevant literature (insert bibliography)
This section should have approximately 6-15 references to previous material in it.
As you have read in topic two of the study guide, the literature review should:
• Discuss a research context,
• Highlight the results previous research in the space
• Reference relevant business theory that underpins research in your chosen space (i.e. the resource-based theory of the firm, for example).
Primary Research Question(s)
It would also be suitable to substitute ‘research aims’ for research questions
Secondary Research Question(s)
Describe your research design (qualitative, quantitative, mixed; stages; variables tested)
Describe your sample
Research Tool(s)
Describe how you will analyse your data

Ethical considerations