Recent Question/Assignment

This study research will be done in Malaysia and we need to write a report of 2000 words for literature review on project and attempt to understand cultural differences with emphasis on engineering approaches and practices. With supportive references.
I am mentioning most of the detail required for this project including marking rubric and research reference.
I need to write a report on this topic before I do any research.
I got the email from supervisor, its posted below
I will ask my student to send you 50 years monthly based wind data so you can start to do statistical analysis. We use Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis to do structural analysis. May be you can download and install in you laptop so you can start to explore. You can download the software and request the serial number and product key from Autodesk home page,

Regards to literature review, you can find topics on how others analysed wind data and effect of wind load on over head transmission tower and how did they do the structural analysis.
Also we need to mention how this project demonstrate an excellent attempt to understand cultural difference with strong emphasis on engineering approaches and practices. For Malaysian Culture
Also our lecturare provided guide to technical report writing so link is below.