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Civil Engineering Construction 3 - Earthworks
Mass Haul Planning Exercise
Download the following file from moodle - Civil 2 eworks planning exercise.dwg Plot an A1 copy of Layout 1.
The drawing file contains the centre line longitudinal section of a proposed new road showing the existing ground profile and proposed road profile. The attached table lists the cross sectional areas at the indicated chainages.
Prepare a Mass Haul diagram for the works and prepare a suitable earthworks plan for 3 of the main hauls.
The mass haul diagram should be drawn below the Long section on the plotted A1 drawing sheet.
As a condition of the contract all available cut material must be used to make up fill embankments before bringing on site any external import materials. The contractor has sourced a suitable site for importing suitable materials and also disposing of surplus materials alongside the new road at chainage 3400.
In your earthworks plan for the 3 required hauls list maximum distances in each case and also the amount of material to be moved in each haul.
The cuts consist of the following materials:- (all cut material is deemed as acceptable for fill use)
Cut 1 - Stiff Clay
Cut 2 - Soft Rock
Cut 3 - Common Earth
Cut 4 - Stiff Clay
The method of operation is to be via excavators and dump trucks. For each Haul, the earthworks plan should include the plant resources (excs and dumpers) used and the total time required for each operation.
Yours submission should include:
1. A1 drawing showing the long section and your plotted mass haul diagram (these should show all movements of materials and haul distances.
2. An eworks plan listing 3 main hauls, quoting the amount of material being moved, the haul including Ch to and from and distance, the plant utilized and the time to carry each haul out. (include all calculations).
Civil Engineering Construction 3 - Earthworks