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BSBMGT515A Manage operational plan
Assessment 3 – Project: Monitor and review operational performance
(if applicable)
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Please complete the student details section.
This project consists of an observation of an operational procedure relevant to your area of training which may include a Kitchen operation, Front office, Tourism, Events, Food and Beverage, Rooms Division or Administration. The focus needs to be on observing and improving existing procedures or to identify new processes to improve operations.
This may relate to:
o Workflow processes
o Cost efficiency of products and services
o Customer service related issues
o Check-in, check-out procedures
o Staff efficiency and training needs
o or a specific procedure as instructed by your trainer
This assessment is one form of assessment type that is used to collect evidence and will count towards gaining competence toward this unit.
To demonstrate competence each question must be answered by the student.
You will be required to complete other relevant assessment tasks for this unit.
Evidence submission
– Requires you to submit the documentation as outlined in the Task on the following page.

Your Task Monitor and review operational performance
1. Provide an overview of your workplace and a description of the operational procedure you will monitor, analyse and review. Outline the reasons which indicated to you that a review would be necessary (for example complaints from customers about prolonged waiting periods for check-in; prolonged waiting periods for food in the restaurant; frequent errors in reconciliations at the end of the shift in front office or similar).
2. Observe the task or operational procedure and provide an overview of your findings.
3. List the Standard Procedures which would be required to perform the procedure or tasks and the criteria which are used to industry standards to measure the performance required. This needs to show all tasks which are part of the procedure you observe.
Setting Tables
Task Criteria
Preparing Table Lay-out • Allowing sufficient space between tables for guest comfort and for the movement of service staff
• Sufficient space between tables to allow for guest privacy
• Table positions sheltered from kitchen noise and away from major traffic areas of kitchen, bar and cashier desk
• Minimum space between 2 tables is 1.8m
• Minimum space between the backs of the chairs from one table to the next is 90cm
• Minimum space between the table and a wall is 45cm
Setting Table • Check that the table is sitting firmly and evenly on the floor. Do not use coasters, match boxes or other unsightly objects
• Select the appropriate size tablecloth and spread it over the table.
• Adjust so that the cloth sits with the centre crease of the cloth running down the centre of the table.
• The overhang needs to be equal on all sides and the corners of the cloth should cover the legs of the table
• Select the appropriate size overlay and spread it evenly over the tablecloth with the overhang equal on all sides and the corners midway between the legs of the table
• Place chairs between the legs of the table with the front of the seat just touching the hem of the tablecloth.
Room Attendant
Task Criteria
Set up Tasks • Obtain a set of keys
• Attend a shift handover
• Note down out-of-the-ordinary requirements
• Select chemicals appropriate for the rounds
• Check level of supplies to ensure enough is available
• Dispense chemicals if necessary
• Select appropriate equipment for the rounds
• Inspect the cleaning equipment for safety compliance
• Stock the cleaning trolley with required equipment, cleaning products and supplies
4. Develop a strategy that can be implemented to overcome the shortfalls you have identified and explain how each step of the strategy will be implemented to ensure it will be successful. Include the documentation required for this.
5. Provide an overview of the potential cost factors for your suggested procedures including physical and human resource aspects as relevant.
6. In brief provide a critical reflection on your project: Given what you have observed, analysed in terms of resources required and the potential outcomes from the strategy you have developed, how viable is your strategy in terms of outlay required by the organisation? Would there be a more cost effective option?

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