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Analysis Report (40%)
Marks : 40% of overall unit result
1. Perform a formal risk assessment of a computer network of your choice (A sample network architecture will be provided for your reference). You must seek my approval of the network architecture before proceeding. Locate references that assist in these assumptions and have a minimal architecture of dimensions equivalent to the provided sample;
2. You must model the expected network traffic between each and every pair of network devices i.e., links, in your network;
3. Download and install the R binaries from : R Binaries
4. Based on the network traffic model from Step 2 above, generate a dataset of network traffic values with the following TCP/IP header content: {Sequence ID, Source IP address, Destination IP address, Source Port number, Destination Port number, Protocol} - The dataset should have a minimum of 10K rows (data samples)
5. Run statistical analysis on the generated dataset using the R language. Common statistics collected on data include: Mean, Median and Variance of Occuring values for each header componet of the dataset.
6. Using R, plot Source IP address vs Protocol, Destination IP address vs. Protocol, Source Port number vs. Protocol, Destination Port number vs. Protocol.
7. Writeup an analysis of the data based on the results obtained above.
8. Recommend improvements to the architecture to help mitigate the effects of a network traffic-intensive attack.
Resources :
Wireshark is available at
Kali is a new iteration of BackTrack you can download from :
Sample Network Architecture:

Marking Key:
Structure and Presentation - 4 Marks
Overall structure and coherence of report /2
Overall referencing /1
Overall presentation /1
Risk Assessment – 6 Marks
Threats, likelihoods and impacts identified and assessed appropriately /5
Relevant referencing for risk assessment section /1
Network Attack Modeling – 6 Marks
Modeling of appropriate traffic patterns to emulate real network traffic /5
Relevance of traffic patterns to network security /1
Data Set Generation – 6 Marks
Clear and valid data /6

Test Plan Results – 12 Marks
Results presented in a clear and concise manner /8
Formal comments on results /4
Miigation Plan – 6 Marks
Suggested improvements to the architecture for improved security /4
Critical analysis of the proposed suggestions /2