Recent Question/Assignment

1) You are required to configure and test a DHCP server to provide IP Address and related configuration parameters to a client computer. Set up a pool of DHCP addresses from to, Subnet Mask, Gateway, DNS Primary Server of, default lease time of 3 hours and maximum lease time of 6 hours. Test the operation of your DHCP server using an external client requesting a DHCP lease. [10 marks]
2) Capture and describe the network activity occuring between the client and DHCP Server. On your Linux computer use a packet sniffer to capture network traffic, then analyse and describe the overall DHCP lease allocation process, and describe the detail in each packet. [5 marks].
Submitt a learning diary for these activities in which you should include:
Your DHCP configuration, including copies of the underlying DHCP server configuration files;
Screenshots from your client device validating the operation of the DHCP server;
Details and analysis of the packet capture;
What you did;
What problems you encountered and how you solved them;
How much time you spent on each part of the exercise.

This assessment item is design to test your
assess your progress towards meeting subject learning outcomes 1, 3 and 6;
assist you to develop your learning of the priciples covered in topics 1-10 of the subject;
knowledge of the details of network service technologies;
ability to apply problem-solving techniques;
ability to find credible information sources and apply them;
ability to write clearly and concisely; and
ability to correctly reference information sources.