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Subject: Marketing Management
2. Assessment 2: Research Report
Weighting: Written Report 20%
Length: 3000 words for Report.
Due Date: 22/09/2015
Note: Students are required to discuss the topic with their lecturer before they start the assignment.
• Choose an organization from the following Industries:
9. Gym/ Health and fitness industry
Note: We have chosen above industry for presentation, presentation is attached as sample, it may help in making report, please do not copy paste the sentences from presentation, it may result as plagiarism in Turnitin
Each individual is to prepare a written report (in report format of approximately 3000 words), outlining the following:
1. Executive Summary with key findings and recommendations
2. Clear and concise description of the market in which the organization operates(Clear and concise target market, segments and positioning (includes positioning mapping) followed by the company)
3. Summary of the marketing environment (both micro and macro-environmental forces and trends)
4. Detailed description of how the market is (or may be) segmented and a statement of the segment(s) that the organization is targeting.
5. Brief discussion of the behavior of customers in the segment(s) identified above(Brief analysis of consumer perceptions and behaviour about the brand/company)
6. A description of the marketing mix being used by the organization to target these segments(Marketing Mix -brief discussion)
7. A recommendation for improvements to the organization’s marketing effort.( Your comments or any recommendations)
Marking Criteria Assignment
Marking Criteria for Assignment - Written Report
Assessment Criteria for Written Report Maximum Scored
Clear and concise explanation of the respective organization and its competitive context.
Comprehensive analysis of all relevant issues. 8
Demonstrated understanding, logic and reasoning evidenced in report.
Demonstrated understanding of the theory discussed during lectures. 6
Application of theories/concepts to industry/real products/services. And other relevant examples and ideas provided by the student to demonstrate an understanding of the theory. 3
Style, structure, spelling, grammar, punctuation, referencing 3
Total 20
• References Harvard style
• Research at least 3 to 4 academic articles on the topic
• To do well groups need to do a quality research and follow the structure with application of marketing concepts.
• There is a danger of loosing 10% if you do not follow the guidelines.