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SITXMPR404 Coordinate marketing activities
Assessment 1 - Questions
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Question 1: Give 6 examples of promotional tools commonly used in the TH&E industry that you may include in your marketing plan.
Question 2: What do you need to set when developing a marketing plan?
Question 3: Which law is designed to promote competition in the marketplace and prevent unfair or anti-competitive work practices?
Question 4: List 3 things consumer law covers in relation to a business conduct.

Question 5: What is the principle that Work Health and Safety is based on?
Question 6: Complete the following sentence:
This primary duty of care requires duty holders to ensure health and safety, so far as is reasonably practicable, by eliminating WHAT?
Question 7: According to the Alcohol Beverages Advertising Code (ABAC), are you allowed to target children or adolescents with alcohol advertising?
Question 8: Name 5 factors you should consider to determine your method of advertising:
Question 9: Which of the follow would be the best medium if you required global reach?
1. Brochures and Flyers
2. Direct Mail
3. Newspapers
4. Magazines
5. Telemarketing
6. Internet

Question 10: List 5 ways you can help to create positive word-of-mouth exposure.
Question 11: List the 7 Ps of marketing.
Question 12: Why is web search important to your website?
Question 13: What must you consider when thinking about staffing requirements around a promotional activity?
Question 14: List 2 benefits of networking.

Question 15: List 2 benefits of trade shows.
Question 16: Give 2 examples of public relations activities.
Question 17: Give 2 performance indicators you can set before your campaign to evaluate if a campaign is working.
Question 18: Give 4 examples of pieces of information you would include in a promotional activity report.
Question 19: Give 3 examples of sources of information relating to the marketing environment.

Question 20: What does VAR stand for?
Question 21: What payment structure do agents and wholesalers generally work upon?
Question 22: List 4 examples of ways to promote environmental sustainability in marketing.