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SITXMPR404 Coordinate Marketing Activities
Assessment 2
Project – Planning and coordinating marketing activities
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This assessment consists of 2 Parts.
Part A requires you to prepare a report which addresses the details outlined under the case study. For the marketing aspects you may extract and use the relevant section of the marketing plan of the following template or use you own format or as instructed by your trainer.
Part B requires you to write a short report outlining the evaluation methods you will use to review each aspect of your marketing strategies. Include a template for a tool that can be used for evaluating key aspects of your marketing strategies.
To demonstrate competence each PART must be answered by the student.
If more space is required for any answer you may attach additional pages(s) listing your name, assessment date, unit title, unit code and the assessment task number and attach this page with the current assessment task before submission.
When you have completed all the required tasks check your work before submitting.
Please note once the assessor has marked your work they will provide you with feedback. If you are required to resubmit any task/s then you must complete those task/s by adding more information.
You will be required to complete other relevant assessment tasks for this unit as instructed.

Background Information
Marketing Activity – Promoting food and beverage specials
You are the Marketing manager at Hotel Futura which is located opposite the city parklands in your state’s capital. During the last sales meeting the GM has announced that the board would like to see a new marketing approach to promote the restaurant, bistro and function facilities in order to increase the turnover in these areas by 20% over the next financial year. They claim that the facilities are within walking distance of the CBD, demand superior views over parklands and argue that similar operations in other cities are thriving with activity.
As a result it was decided to promote in the first instance a happy hour with a selection of smart cocktails to occur each afternoon Friday – Sunday, and a menu selection to feature share plates and dishes to create the place where “family and friends” desire to meet.
Your task:
You are required to develop marketing activities. As a part of this process you need to:
1. Identify, analyse and incorporate relevant marketing information and legal ethical and sustainability issues and include these in your marketing plan and activities.
For example: What do similar places offer? What are legal aspects which need to be considered?
2. Provide an overview of your target markets and marketing mediums you have considered.
3. Proactively seek and evaluate innovative marketing opportunities, including use of new technologies and media. Provide an overview of at least 5 different options you have explored, what this involved and list the advantages, disadvantages and approximate costs.
4. Develop an action plan which can be used for the implementation of the marketing activities with clear timelines and details for operational requirements including staffing, resources, third party assistance and communication provisions.
5. Outline the contacts and networking activities you have undertaken with colleagues from industry and media to discuss marketing requirements and options. Include any sources you have accessed to gather information.
6. Include a short summary about the marketing activities for Hotel Futura which can be used by the local Newspaper to write an article (for example as part of an advertising package).
7. Develop 2 examples for public relation resources which could be used to enhance your marketing activities. What is the purpose of these? How would these be used?
(Tip: this could include resources which help to measure responses and effectiveness for evaluation).
Part B
Write a short report outlining the evaluation methods you will use to review each aspect of your marketing strategies. Include a template for a tool that can be used for evaluating key aspects of your marketing strategies.
The Evaluation strategy shall include:
1. Benchmarks you will use to evaluate success of methods/impacts
2. Time frames for evaluation
3. Provisions for adjustment/continuous improvement
4. Communication requirements