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SITXHRM401 Roster staff
Assessment 1 – Project

1. This Assessment contains 4 PARTS – PART A, B, C and D
2. This assessment is one form of assessment type that is used to collect evidence and will count towards gaining competence toward this unit.
3. To demonstrate competence each task must be addressed by the student.
4. All supporting documents must be attached to this assessment.
5. When you have completed all the questions check your work before submitting.
6. Please note once the assessor has marked your work they will provide you with feedback. Based on the feedback if you are required to resubmit any question/s then you must complete those question/s by adding more information.
Evidence submission
PART A – Submit the completed Roster Spreadsheet with the details provided in PART A (perform all checks and complete all calculations). Answer all questions in part A.
PART B – Submit your answers to all questions in PART B. Develop a questionnaire that you will use in the role play to present and communicate roster to staff. Your trainer will observe you performing the role play. Develop a written communication format that you will use for the selected communication method.
PART C – Submit your answers to all questions in PART C.
PART D – Submit your answers to all questions in PART D. Perform calculations based on the given scenario in PART D and submit the second spreadsheet with the filename “Updated Roster”.
Please submit all your answers as a hardcopy (printed format) as well as a softcopy on a USB stick or by email with your full name, date, unit code and unit title on your submission.

Background Information
Rostering Staff
You are the new Assistant Manager for the Front Office at Hotel Futura. Some of your major tasks are to:
• develop staff rosters
• present and communicate these rosters
• maintain rostering records
• evaluate these rosters to monitor the effectiveness of these rosters in consultation with colleagues
• identify ways in which rosters and roster development processes may be improved to increase operational and customer service efficiency while minimising wage costs.
You also need to ensure that when developing these rosters you have considered the industrial agreements and other considerations and wage budgets, along with the skills mix of your staff and also social, cultural considerations that can affect your staff rosters.
PART A – Develop Staff Roster
In this part you need to develop the roster for the week commencing 9th January 2014 to 13th January 2014, using the spreadsheets provided.
Note: The information provided below includes a 30 minute meal break for each staff member.
You will need to use the Roster spreadsheet to develop this staff roster.
Mark (Front Office grade 1) – will be working from 13.30 – 22.00 on Wed, Thurs, Fri and Sun and from 13.30 – 20.00 on Sat.
Tom (Front Office grade 1) – will be working from 6.00 – 14.30 on Mon, Tues, Wed and Sun and from 6.00 – 12.30 on Saturday.
Jordan (Front Office grade 1) – will be working from 22.00 – 6.30 Tues, Wed, Thurs and Fri and from 24.00 – 6.30 on Sat.
Sam - (Front Office grade 2) – will be working from 15.30 – 22.00 on Mon, from 6.00 – 14.30 on Thurs, Fri and Sat and from 13.30 – 22.00 on Sun.
Shelly (Front Office grade 2) – will be working from 13.30 – 22.00 on Mon, Tues, Wed and Thurs and from 13.30 – 20.00 on Fri.
Darren (Front Office grade 3) – will be working from 22.00 – 6.30 on Mon, Fri, Sat and Sun and from 24.00 – 6.30 on Tues.
Scott (Front Office Supervisor) will be working from 6.00 – 14.30 on Mon, Tues, Wed and Sun and from 6.00 – 12.30 on Thurs.
Margaret (Front Office Supervisor) – will be working from 15.30 – 22.00 on Tues, 13.30 – 22.00 on Wed and Sat, 12.30 – 21.00 on Thurs and from 6.00 – 14.30 on Fri.
Once you have developed the roster based on the above information you need to check for the following aspects:
a. Check if each employee has at least two rostered days off in the week. Highlight these days in grey colour.
b. Check availability of staff particularly as back up options for rostered days off. Develop a back up to show which staff are available on Monday.
c. Check total number of staff working on each day of the week
d. Calculate the weekly wages for each of the staff. To perform your calculations you need to visit The relevant award for this roster is the Hospitality Industry (General) Award.
e. Calculate work hours for the week for each staff member.
f. Locate the correct hourly rate for each staff member based on their award including penalty rates which apply for specific times during weekdays and for Saturdays and Sundays.
g. Calculate the wages for each staff member for the week for this roster.

PART B – Present and communicate roster/Role Play
Role Play – Present and communicate roster (You can demonstrate the role play with fellow students or any other nominated person by your assessor)
In this role play you are to discuss this roster with staff members and demonstrate how you will confirm and inform them about this roster. Prepare a list of questions that you will ask staff members to find out the following:
• Is it suitable for staff to work on the given days as per the developed roster which is based on previous rosters?
• Ask staff about their availability in terms of working an extra shift as a backup plan on any given day (week day or weekend) so that you are not short staffed on any given day of the week.
• Find out which family, cultural or religious requirements you would need to consider.
• Which details of the roster you have completed would not suit the requirements of your staff?
• Confirm with staff that they are fine with the roster.
• Inform your staff of the method you will use to provide them with the completed roster.
Explain how you will present this roster to staff using both options, electronic and manual:

Write your communication format below:

PART C – Maintain rostering records
Explain how you will administer and maintain roster documentation and records of shift time completed by employees.
Which documents and details must this include?

PART D – Evaluating rosters
It is Saturday afternoon on the 18th January at 14.30 hours. Sam leaves work due to symptoms of gastro and the supervisor tells her to stay home until she is well again.
a. Identify the existing staff who could be contacted to cover for Sam’s shift on Sunday from 13.30 – 22.00. Calculate their entitlements.
b. Calculate the wage entitlement for a casual to cover Sam’s shift Sunday from 13.30 – 22.00 at award level “Front Office Level 3”.
c. If no existing staff can cover the shift of Sam, can you afford to employ a casual for this shift at Front Office Level 3 if your weekly wage budget is $6,800.00?
d. What would be the cheapest option for the business to cover Sam’s shift given your findings in a, b and c?
Would you choose this option?
Which aspects do you need to consider?

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