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BSBADM502B Manage meetings
Project – Prepare, conduct and follow up meeting
(if applicable)
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This Assessment consists of 3 Parts:
Part A
requires you to prepare for a management meeting to agrees a number of issues as outlined on the next page.
Part B
requires you to conduct a meeting with 5 stakeholders, described in Part A, or as determined by your trainer.
Part C
requires you to follow up on the meeting including processing and distribution of minutes, reporting and follow-up on allocation of tasks.
This assessment is one form of assessment type that is used to collect evidence and will count towards gaining competence toward this unit.
To demonstrate competence each part of this project must be addressed.
When you have completed all tasks, check your work before submitting.
Please note once the assessor has marked your work they will provide you with feedback.
You will be required to complete other relevant assessment tasks for this unit.

Part A Plan and prepare for a management meeting
Background Information
You are the HR manager of a 300 bed hotel in the CBD. It is your job to organise the next management meeting which you will need to conduct in 10 days. The meeting is attended by the Executive chef, Maître’D, Function Manager, Chief Concierge and the Exec. Housekeeper.
The following issues have arisen and the GM has asked you to deal with these during the next meeting and ensure all of these will be addressed satisfactorily:
1. Several wait staff from different ethnic backgrounds have complained that they are referred to with derogatory terms on several occasions by 3 of the chefs during service.
2. The GM was told by GMs from other hotels that a number of suppliers increasingly were offering cash incentives to department heads in return for choosing their products. Although there is no apparent indication for this in the organisation at present, the GM would like to see the ethical standards expected from staff re-enforced.
3. During the past month there have been several light accidents in the housekeeping and front office areas which included slips and falls due to cluttered floor space in the back office area and the storage areas for linen and chemicals. As a result the WHS code of practice needs to be re-visited and the duties of department heads as well as procedures established.
4. During the past month 2 guests have expressed concerns about privacy and security procedures in place at the hotel: in one instance a call from an outsider was received enquiring about the stay of his “wife” and her room number and as result these details were provided by reception [the caller was the ex-husband and was subject to a restraining order]; in the 2nd instance 2 young females had returned to the hotel from a night out and were followed by a strange guy who followed them into the lobby. Once they had entered the lift he approached reception and claimed he was the brother of one of the ladies and was readily provided with the room number upon which he accessed the floor and attempted to gain entry to the complainants’ room. The police were called.
Your Task
1. Develop an agenda addressing that covers all aspects of the meeting purpose.
2. Source the relevant legislation that covers the aspects of the issues outlined above which need to be addressed during the meeting.
3. Prepare the information for a presentation to the meeting participants to enable informed discussion at the meeting. This will be used in Part B, “Conducting the Meeting”.
4. Schedule the meeting and write a notification of the meeting for the designated participants and provide a timeline by when participants will be notified.
5. Prepare all correspondence to send to the participants before the meeting.
6. Arrange in advance for one of the meeting participants to accurately record the minutes of the meeting.
7. Obtain 2 different quotes ($20.00 per person maximum) for a light lunch with a vegetarian option for the meeting and attach the details to this assessment.
8. Detail the special requirements needed e.g. audio-visual equipment or special needs due to disability (based on the needs of your chosen attendees as outlined in the instructions)

Part B Role play and conduct the meeting
You are to chair the meeting in accordance with meeting protocol. This must include the following:
1. Use the prepared agenda for the meeting.
2. Provide a brief with the conventions that will apply for the meeting to participants including goals and conduct.
3. Conduct the meeting within the agreed times as per the agenda
4. Brief minute taker on method for recording minutes and ensure accurate minute taking is undertaken
5. Encourage open and constructive communication by using appropriate
interpersonal and communication styles
6. Control the behaviour of members e.g. dominating members or lack of response from participants
7. Give all participants the opportunity to contribute
8. Deal with issues at the meeting e.g. conflict management
9. Present information and ideas clearly and concisely

Part C Follow up meeting outcomes
Write an analysis of the meeting and include:
1. Provide a short self evaluation for the meeting you have conducted. Often we undertake a task and we realise, once we have finished, that some aspects worked well, or not so good or just did not feel right. Provide a self valuation for your meeting: Give an account of how you would conduct yourself differently as the chair of any future meetings. Describe both the mistakes and the positive contributions that you made during the meeting and analyse how they impacted on the dynamics and progress of the meeting.
2. Complete the final version of the minutes taken during the meeting, confirm the details are correct and sign the document. Attach a copy to this assessment task
3. Include if appropriate a work schedule with tasks prioritised and actioned of any necessary issues arising from the meeting and outline the requirements for each participant. Attach a copy to this assessment task
4. Write all correspondence that you would distribute to the senior management team regarding the outcomes of the meeting and provide details for the filing requirements for all documentation relevant for this particular meeting.

Editable MS Word File
Total word count: 2297 Words

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