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Assessment 1 Information
Subject Code: MAN2100
Subject Name: Corporate Social Responsibility and Business Ethics
Assessment Title: Individual Annotated Bibliography
Weighting: 15%
Total Marks: 15
Due Date:
Submission Method: 11.55pm AEST Sunday 30 August 2015
On-line via Turnitin: this is the ONLY submission method accepted
Assessment Description.
This assessment requires students to construct an annotated bibliography on ONE of the topics listed below. The topic you choose will also be used in Assessment 2, the individual essay.
• Is whistleblowing ethical?
• Is corporate social responsibility good for profits?
• Is bribery acceptable under some circumstances?
• Why do ‘good’ managers sometimes make bad ethical choices?
• Is ‘going green’ ethical or just a business fad?
TIP: Before making your final choice of topic why not undertake a quick search of the academic literature on each of the topics using the Kaplan on-­-line databases such as Athens, Emerald, ProQuest and Business Source?
An annotated bibliography is ‘a list of sources on a topic by many authors, collected to form the knowledge on that topic’ (Hart 2001). Your annotated bibliography should provide a brief account of at least five academic articles on your chosen topic. Its purpose is to inform yourself about the topic and its ethical dimensions whilst at the same time developing your academic skills of literature searching and review: these are generic skills which will serve you well in other subjects.
Structurally, an annotated bibliography comprises of a list of sources known as 'citations' and formatted in Harvard referencing style. In this assessment your sources (citations) need to be academic journal articles and NOT text-­-books or popular sources such as newspapers, magazines or web-­-sites like Wikipedia.
Each entry in an annotated bibliography consists of a citation followed by a few short review paragraphs; these paragraphs are the ‘annotations’ and should be a concise description, analysis and evaluation of the article cited. The review should be original; that is, written in your own words and not copied and pasted from the article or anywhere else.
Your annotated bibliography should contain a minimum of five citations with reviews.
The age of articles is important too: contemporary articles offer the most recent thinking on the topic.
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• An example of an annotated bibliography is available for students to download
from the Portal.
• Whilst lecturers will offer some in-­-class facilitation on literature searching skills, students are expected to engage with the on-­-line databases in order to find relevant academic journal articles.
• Also, an ASC Academic Skills Adviser is available for consultation on campus during most weekdays to help you develop your literature searching and review skills.
Constructing an annotated bibliography may appear to be a very different type of assessment if you've not done one before. However, if you start early and act on the resources made available, then you'll find the process is less time-­-consuming and quite straightforward.
IMPORTANT: Whilst your annotated bibliography is a stand-­-alone assessment, it has a second instrumental value as its articles can be used to inform your Assessment 2 essay (see page 6). So, a well-­-written annotated bibliography will also give you a good start to your Assessment 2 essay!
References (refers also to citations on next page)
Bell, J. 1993. Doing Your Research Project, 2nd edn. Buckingham. Open University Press. Hart, C. 2001. Doing a Literature Search. London. Sage.
Please refer to the Marking Rubrics (next page) in order to direct your efforts in this assessment.
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Assessment Information
MAN2100 Assessment 1: Annotated Bibliography
MARKING RUBRICS Comments & Feedback
• At least 5 academic articles have been retrieved.
• ALL the articles have:
• Authority: the articles have undergone peer review in that they are published in a
refereed journal (1 mark available).
• Relevance: the articles fall within the range of the chosen topic (1 mark available).
• Currency: the articles reflect the most recent thinking on the topic (1 mark available).
Adapted from Bell (1993: 41) and Hart (2001: 26) 3
• At least 5 academic articles have been annotated.
• ALL the articles have elements of:
• Description: that is, an original and short summary of the article contents (4 marks available).
• Analysis: that is, a short and original
argument or discussion or critique that identifies the most relevant aspects of the article (3 marks available).
• Evaluation: that is, there is a short and original comment regarding the degree of usefulness of the article in contributing to the topic's field of research (2 marks).
Please note that the reviews should be your own original thinking and writing; that is, they should not be copied from the articles or other sources as this will bring few marks. 9
• Clear expression (1 mark)
• Uses Harvard style appropriately (2 marks) 3
Total available marks: 15
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Assessment Information