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Individual Essay Guidelines
Worth 20% Due Week 9 (Block Mode)
5 pm Fri
Marks 20 Words 1500
• Choice of Topic from the subject outline and the following list.
• You need to follow Harvard Reference style
• General presentation of the essay with headings and subheadings.
• Research atleast 2 to 3 articles on the topic from the following sources:
- Sydney Morning Herald
- The Australian
- Asia Business Review Weekly
- Fortune
- Choice
- Australian Marketing Journals

• Students need to submit a soft copy on BB and hard copy by due date. Also they need to get the print out of safe assignment report and attach with the hard copy of their assignment.
Bit more insights into the essay;

1. Segmentation, targeting and positioning: Identify 2 to 3 brands in one of the following industries and apply how the companies have been using these concepts of Segmentation, Target Market and Positioning:
- fashion for men/women
- Personal care products (shampoo, shavers etc.)
- beauty Products
- furniture
- beverages
- baby products
- snack foods
- Organic food.

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