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Assessment 1: Individual Essay
Length: 1500 words
Write an essay to demonstrate your theoretical understanding and practical application of Marketing. The essay must be referenced in Harvard Style with relevant up-to-date sources.
Discuss the concept of perceived value and its importance to consumer behaviour and marketing. Discuss the theory and then give practical examples of how customers perceive various brands and how this impacts on their behaviour.
HI5004 Marketing Management Tri 1 2015 9
Marking Criteria for Individual Essay Assessment Criteria Maximum Scored
Discussion of relevant issues, theories and concepts for the chosen topic for essay 8
Demonstrated understanding, logic and reasoning evidenced in essay 6
Application of theories/concepts to industry/real products/services. And other relevant examples and ideas provided by the student to demonstrate an understanding of the theory 3
Style, structure, spelling, grammar, punctuation, referencing 3
Total 20