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BCO6185 Mobile and Executive Computing

Assignment 1: Case Study
Available Marks: 20 (individual assignment)
Due Date: Throughout the semester as arranged
Your report should be approximately 1500-2000 words, use 1.5 spacing with 12point Times New Roman font for the body of the report, Headings should be in Arial font and bolded. You should consult appropriate case studies and other references from the library or online scholarly articles as sources for information. Correct citation of sources is mandatory and must be in Harvard Style.
This Case Study contributes up to 20% of the total mark for this Unit of Study. The expectation is that the activities associated with this assignment will culminate in a professionally written Case Study, and be presented in class.
In this Case Study you are required to research and report on a successful mobile application implementation by a business. The application can either be a B2C solution for customers or a B2E application for employees, and can either be an entire application or an individual task. Your case study should report on the business, the particular application you are reporting on and any associated benefits. Also, if possible report on any architectural features of the application, its interface to enterprise or legacy systems, the impact on the users and company and any business process redevelopment that was involved in the application. Discuss any reported problems with the applications (though these are rarely reported), and any future plans for the application.
You will present your case study to the class during the designated tutorial time in the week to be arranged with the lecturer. As well as the written case study you should prepare 4-5 five powerpoint slides to use during your presentation. Your presentation should be 5-10 minutes in duration. You will be graded on both the written case study and the presentation.
Every student should prepare their case study on a different topic. Case studies can be chosen from any business type such as Banking, other Financial services, Manufacturing, Health, Education, Government (local state or federal), Service Industries including Catering, Restaurants, Hospitality, Auto Clubs etc... Sporting Clubs and Societies, and non-profit industries such as charities.
Students should consult with their lecturer or tutor (either in person or via email) to get their topics approved, and to make sure that there is no direct overlap. If two student wish to do the same topic, first to get approval secures the topic.
Your written case study must include:
Assignment Cover Page: Use the cover sheet provided
Title Page: Include the Assignment Title, Student Name & Number, Date & Unit name/code
Introduction: Introduction to the case study, the business name, the application, the purpose of the application and the target users.
Background: Give a brief background on the business, and the development of the application and the drivers leading to the development of the application
Body: Present all the details of the application, architectural features,
interfaces, benefits, business processes, impact on the company etc … Cite any documents relating to the application and ite development
References/ Bibliography: Any references used in consistent in Harvard style.
The footer must include your name, student ID, and page number. A header should include a short version of the title.
Your paper must be submitted to the Case Study submission box in the Submissions folder on VU
Collaborate. This will be linked to Turn-it-in. The format can either be in Word, or PDF Name your file for this assignment in the form “FirstnameLastname” and where “Firstname” is replaced by your first name and “Lastname” is replaced by your last name, for example, PaulDarbyshire.pdf. Your submission to Turnit-in must include a Title Page, your report, and the Bibliography or References list.
Your paper must follow the formatting and layout standards specified for this subject and must also use the Harvard Referencing System.
You must include references where available and appropriate relating to the discussion and analysis. You should aim to paraphrase sources where possible, writing the report in your own words and including citations and corresponding reference list entries to demonstrate research where appropriate. Your report must be submitted to the submission drop box (and hence turn-it-in) in order to be graded. The similarity index in the report you receive must not exceed twenty per cent. Note that you can resubmit your report up until the submission deadline. Initial originality results are returned within minutes. Resubmission results can take up to twenty four hours to process.
I would also stress the need to include a sentence in bold saying turn-it-in scores higher than 20% will be heavily penalized.
Penalties for late submissions will be enforced at 25% of available marks. No assignment can be submitted after 1 week late.

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