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Project Paper Format and Submission:
• Your work should include a cover, student number identification, table of contents at the start.
• Your group project paper is expected to be around 5 to 8 pages in length. This count excludes the cover, table of contents and appendices.
• Insert suitable diagrams, charts and tables wherever appropriate, to enhance the project paper for ease in reading and comprehension.
• Left margin: 1 inch, Right margin: 1 inch
• Text font type & size: Arial 11 or Times New Roman 12; and Line spacing: 2
• Header: Project title
• Footer: Group member names (left), Page x of y (centre) and Date (right). Font size: 9
• Use separators or dividers where necessary to file the project paper.
• Referencing (Harvard Style) shall be appended preceding the Appendices.
• The project paper only needs to be stapled together for submission.
• Refrain from inserting any definitions or concepts explanation to the report, instead, adopt and apply the relevant concepts throughout the project paper.
• Students are advised to read ahead of the sessions and where necessary verify with the lecturer if the concepts are correctly understood and applied.
• All late submissions are considered null and void. Therefore, students are encouraged to submit the project paper even if it is incomplete rather than no or late submission.
• The preparation of the project paper is both a team and personal responsibility.

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